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Gentleman’s Club Gameplay 1.1 For PES 2021 by IbraCadabra96

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m really happy and proud to announce that after three months of hard work, I’m here to announce a new gameplay mod for all of you.
First of all I would like to thank a lot of people who inspired and helped me to get into GP’s stuff such as tdth , tufkar84 , incas36 and Holland, without them I would have never been into this “new world” and probably this GP would have not existed.

Gentlemans Club GAMEPLAY For PES 2021

After that, I would like to thank the great community of “Gentleman’s Club” Discord server, which I’m really proud to be part. They played the biggest part in this project since they have showed me how much fun I could have with FUMA on PES (because previously I was an assisted player) . The most beautiful thing was that we all had the same perspective of how the game should feel and should play on our hands, so all the things has been much easier during the build up thanks to them.

Before introduce to you the features of this work, I would like to specify that THIS IS THE RESULT OF SEVERAL THINGS PUT TOGETHER. For the best experience on this GP I’m gonna suggest you to follow and read carefully the whole post of this thread. First of all I’d like to tell you that we included into this project “New Football Game” EXE from @Holland. We’ve tried several modded EXEs for this dt but after a lot of tests we decided this one was simply the best, so BIG thanks to him and incas36 because I’ve also imported his Golden EXE values into it to make the ML not scripted with the team spirit crap from Konami.

So into the GP archive you will find these things:

– dt18_all.cpk and the gameplay loader version
– New Football Game exe from Holland + Incas Golden values (PES 2013 + Golden in 1.0 version)
– VRED_DATABASE from latest PogChampion’s update where I applied the offensive playstyle on all the goalkeepers
– Speedserver with our designed value for this GP

But now I’d like to introduce to you the features in which we believe they are the most realistic ones available for PES 2021, we aimed for the perfect balance between realism and fun. We are not trying to replicate a 100% realistic match since it’s not possible because THIS IS STILL A GAME and it’s been made to have fun!

So these are the features of our work:

– Script removed from SS
– CPU is no more lethal in front of goal
Finally I found a way to decrease CPU accuracy
– AI now has human decision making and smart approaches in all areas of the pitch
This is one of the greatest thing about this GP, thanks to the ThirdEyeKidman tactics now every team will play smartly
– AI respecting tactic’s instructions
Brought to 0 every value which regulate the frequencies of specific offensive situation from the CPU. In this way they will respect perfectly their assigned tactics before and during the game
– AI is calculated with build up play
You won’t see anymore stupid long balls on every match, instead you will find a patient CPU unless the team has long ball instructions
– Improved players responsiveness
This is something I really liked from Liberty GP, so I increased the responsiveness without breaking the game balance.
– Improved goalkeepers
Thanks to the wonderful animations made by Holland and also thanks to the offensive treat which I applied to them
– Realistic ball physics
Ball physics roll and bounces like in real life, you will feel a difference based on pitch conditions
– Chip shot improved
Trajectories made lower and more tense for a realistic feeling
– Air through balls improved
Same here
– Passing system revisited almost from scratch
This is probably one of the greatest part of the GP, now thanks to the new ball physics and the new decreased power gauges you can do very short passes and play some real tiki-taka like in real life, even with grounded through balls. In one word, you can feel freedom
– Improved fouls system
This has been something really random because I didn’t touch that much but everyone including me seems to like this new realistic foul system

So Ibra, is this GP perfect?

Absolutely not, perfection doesn’t exist on my point of view. Like I said, this is something which came out thanks to the help of the people who surrounded me with their ideas or suggestions. That’s why I’d be very happy if some of the GP modders out there would like to collaborate and improve this GP. For example, imo this gp lacks in terms of CPU passing mistakes, they are too precise but this is a value contained into the EXE which is something I wouldn’t be able to tweak. So it would be nice to have people like nHolland ,incas36 or Kolesnikcr7 giving their contribution if they like to. For me this is not a competition, indeed in future I’m gonna start a thread where I explain all the values from the GP editor which I understood in these months.

These are the main features but before giving you all the stuff you need I’d like to tell you that to GET THE FULL EXPERIENCE from this GP you should use the BigBrother’s Passmaps made by ThirdEyeKidman. Maybe some of you here already know him.

The tactics have been uploaded on our Discord server as an “unlockable content”. What does this mean? Simple, you just need to join us and be active.

What’s the goal of this? We are just trying to build up a nice community to play online games together with this gameplay which has been designed for FUMA and later on even with an assisted version. We use Parsec as software to play locally online with all the mods and the gameplay, like you’d do with your friends in your house. We have a lot of things in mind like tournaments, leagues on 1vs1, 2vs2 and so on but to achieve this goal we need to build up a community firstly.

I hope you all will understand this decision and also the fact I’m gonna give more attention to the feedbacks that comes from people who will USE THE WHOLE PACKAGE of this GP (tactics included), because this has been heavily tested on everything we use as daily mods for 3 months.

You can join us here



Q: Can I use your mod without this exe or tactics?
A: Of course you can but then don’t expect me to give attention to your feedbacks or suggestions to improve the gameplay since we are not using the same settings

Q: Can I play this on assisted?
A: Of course you can but this has not been designed to be played on assisted since then you are not gonna experience the same freedom we brought here on FUMA

Q: Can I try experimenting new stuff, such as new EXEs and report feedback here or on the discord server?
A: Absolutely yes! You can try experimenting and reporting back your findings, we will hear the new experience to let this project improve day by day

Q: When will the Parsec tournaments and leagues begin?
A: As soon as we will notice the community will be ready for it, don’t worry!

Q: Do I need to pay for something?
A: Absolutely not, if you want to do some donations is up to you but not directly to me or anyone else. I’m copy-pasting the tufkar donation section which I think is the most beautiful part of his thread 🙂


Exactly like tufkar84, I’m happy to freely share my mods and my findings as a way to give back to the community that gives everybody free stadiums, turfs, kits, faces, balls, accessories and everything else. If anybody wants to make a donation for me, please donate to UNICEF, WWF or a local charity of your choice. I’d be SUPER happy.



Version 1.0

Version 1.1

– Switched to the new exe “New Football Game” Normal by Holland + Golden values by incas36
– Removed the double version of the dt, now there will be just one cpk/gameplay loader folder
– Adjusted dribblings according to the new exe’s rhythm
– CPU follows their assigned tactics more than before

Also a big thank to Eyzord for his wonderful job on this amazing banner on the thread!

For more mod please send us comment. We will help you

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