PES 2021 Ball Server Pack V11 by Hawke

PES 2021 Ball Server Pack V11 by Hawke
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The PES 2021 Ball Server Pack Vol: 11 AIO that also works with PES 2020 includes 450+ Quality balls available for selection in the BallServer Sider Overlay Menu; balls are auto linked to over 30+ competitions via map_competitions.txt.

NEW Balls in PES 2021 Ball Server Pack V11 by Hawke:

PES 2021 Ball Server Pack V11

zlac / BallServer Module
juce – nesa24 / Sider
All balls made by @Hawke except the balls listed below
Angelj107 / Umbro Prodige Coupe De France model / T90 models + Normals / Massive help with fmdl to blender (Thanks Mate)
-cRoNoS- – Danyy – ppaaggpp / 2017 balls (Thanks for allowing me to convert them)
endo / PES2015/16/17 PS4 Models (Thanks Mate)
Txak / Puma La Liga Ball
Tiitoo / CAF Umbro Neo Pro Ball
josemiguel_miuccio / Fevernova & Roteiro Models
shawminator / CGPE
NFS_FM / Fifa Models (Thanks Mate)
Konami + FIFA


1. Download & install Ball Server.
2. If not already done, download & install CommonLib.
3. Once BallServer & CommonLib are installed copy the “content” folder from the BallServer Pack Vol-11 AIO.RAR archive to your Sider folder. Delete any other ball packs first..this is an AIO pack.

NOTE: Don’t try to mix ball packs or you will face problems/errors..either use this one or choose another one… you can of course add your own balls after installing this pack.

For more mod please send us comment. We will help you

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