PES 2021 Classic Patch by Averdom

PES 2021 Classic Patch by Averdom Full Download with

The Classic Patch by Averdom For PES 2021 PC Features:
(DLC 2.0) (22 october 2020)

– Latest live updates applied
– Pes Unites OF V4 applied with 16 out 18 Bundesliga Teams over PEU league (i can’t make ausburg and Frankurt work i don’t know why)
– 20 Classic teams over PLA League
– 20 Classic teams over Others Latin America
– 20 Classic nationals over PAS league
– Many original faces and minfaces adapted from AndriMod classic patch for Pes2020
– Many new classic minifaces made by me
– Custom Classic menu made by me
– Legends by Junior Mantis

PES 2021 Classic Patch

I’ve included Classic and Bundesliga ted files, so everyone can see the player IDs, adding faces and minifaces if they want.
If someone wants to collaborate with this project, i’d really love it, it will be nice to add all the reamining missing minifaces.

I’ve changed almost all players IDs from Bundesliga teams, because the player ids from PEU league (about 54000 to 56000) are usec in many classic teams (that originally were over PEU League).

Thanks to SiuMing, without his TedEditor this patch could not be possible.


Download the following RAR files and unpack them.


Copy the content of “download” folder into your PES main directory download folder, you can use the dplist.bin file in the pack, or make you own with dplist file generator adding the .cpk files.

Copy the save folder into you PES 2021 save directory
(usually KonamiWEPESnumberssave)

Make a backup of your save folder to retain your previous option file.
Gameplay Mod used in the clips by HollandIPM (download here).

For more mod please send us comment. We will help you

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