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PESEdit 2014 Patch 3.0 included winter transfers until 31.02.2014. You can download 2014 Patch 3.0 via Fast TORRENT in as always


Winter Transfers Preview Video: 2014 Patch 3.0 New Features: 2014 Patch 3.0 General Features: 2014 Patch 3.0 Download Links:




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  1. signori says:

    torrent please.. Cant wait!!!

  2. San says:

    Thanks for the torrent!

  3. qibiel says:

    can i get torrent pasword?

  4. trevor says:

    IT is for psp

  5. Bratislav says:

    Hi, I have a problem with this patch when you install and run transfers and kits are not good, are the same as without,help? Please

  6. adnan b says:

    please i want data 3.0 to download please

  7. asdf says:

    Is it for PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Xbox, PC…?

  8. Bratislav says:


  9. fahmi says:

    patch 3.0 part2 ? no dwnload?

  10. Astarot says:

    Does it include data packs from Konami or do I have to download them separately?

  11. Astarot says:

    Guys I need help I don’t have like anything in terms of stadiums and winter transfers after I’ve instaled patch 3.0 what is wrong?

  12. good says:

    very good

  13. boyds says:

    why have pes selector????

  14. gebyoh says:


  15. gebyoh says:

    please please..

  16. Alex says:

    New link?

  17. xdnote says:

    I have installed the patch, but it doesn’t work. team names and transfer are the same, no change.

  18. mahmoud says:


  19. greyosh7 says:

    Installed patch but then konami releases new patch, can’t play online anymore because it now says it’s out of date. How can
    I solve this?

  20. argh says:

    I installed this over 1.0 version but team names are the same only logos are changed..does this require official patch or something? ffs is it so hard to write it in the description?

  21. Nice says:

    Please can someone help me the link to download the PES Patch for PS3 BLUS 31322

  22. great says:

    thanx for the great work

  23. Thuyrain Lwin says:

    Thz alot for torrent file
    I thinks torrent is more convienience than the other ways

  24. Luan Maciel says:

    Please, what the password for download the torrent ???

  25. Luiz says:

    torrent please.. Cant wait!!!

  26. HAKIME1989 says:

    torrent plz

  27. eizril says:

    what is the torrent password

  28. danty5 says:

    very very good

  29. vasek says:

    Would be nice, if there were some new 2. divisions like Ligue 2, or Serie B. Anyway thanks for this patch.

  30. carlos says:

    Thanx for all!! Nice page!

  31. marwan says:

    thanx for torrent

  32. marwan says:

    no working?????

  33. amigo says:


  34. Seawulf says:

    i’d like to get the torrent link