2014 Patch 2.2 – latest winter transfers up-to-date 2014 Patch 2.2 Previews: 2014 Patch 2.2 - 2014 Patch 2.2 - 3 2014 Patch 2.2 - 2014 Patch 2.2 2014 Patch 2.2 Including latest transfers for winter, new 5 big stadium, 20 faces and Puma evoSpeed Sharks Blue colorway.
Download 2014 Patch 2.2 via FAST TORRENT in PESPATCHS.COM 2014 Patch 2.2 New Features: 2014 Patch 2.2 General Features:



If you had installed a previous patch version, it is recommended to delete the ‘FileLoader’ folder inside the PES 2014 install directory before installing the newer version.


You need to download all part files, then unrar the first part (ends with ‘part1.rar’). Start the Installer.exe as admin.


Remove ‘FileLoader’ folder inside PES 2014 install directory (if you installed custom files using FileLoader, you can backup the folder by moving it somewhere else.)
Download PES 2014 Data Pack 2 via the link provided in the 2014 Patch thread.
Copy the included ‘dt50_001.cpk’ (Data Pack 1) and ‘dt500_7999999.cpk’ (Data Pack 2) files to


‘C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download’ (Windows 7 / 8)
‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download’ (Windows XP).
The folder is hidden by default and you have to edit the folder settings in Windows Explorer if you are unable to find it.
This is only required if you don’t already have BOTH Data Packs installed to your PES 2014.


Disable antivirus software (add PES 2014 main directory to exceptions and enable it again after install)
Install the patch
Select the pes2014.exe you want to use

(Start the selector if you want to make adjustments to leagues, stadiums or scoreboards – recommended to start as admin)
Start the game via pes2014.exe / start menu folder / PESEdit Selector

[wpdm_file id=45]



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  1. Gian says:

    Ho installato la patch ma mi chiede di inserire il dvd originale

  2. San says:

    Thanks for the torrent link!

  3. Andi says:


  4. Astarot says:


    I have a question about the instructions you gave above. So I understand that version 2.2 of PesEdit Patch doesn’t include data packs 1 and 2?
    If that is the case, what thread you’re writting about, where can I find the thread with the links to data packs 1 and 2?

    Thanks for your help.

  5. peswasgoodbefore says:

    add malaysia team please… thanks