PES 2014 PES Smoke Patch Gold v0.1

PES 2014 PES Smoke Patch Gold v0.1 Previews:

PES 2014 PES Smoke Patch Gold

DLC 1.0 Features for PES 2014:
2 New Balls
– Both “Ranking Match” and “Friendly Match” are selectable in “Match”.
“Master League Online” is now selectable in “Football Life”.
“Online Settings” have been added as a Top Menu Option. This can be used to configure a wide range of online options.
Minor adjustments have been made to a variety of modes to improve general gaming experience.


Features for Smoke Patch Gold version 0.1 :
– all emblems updated (HD team emblems, competetion emblems and national flags)
– added kits for some BPL teams
– added File loader by Jenkey
– added HD goal nets v 2 by Stahuuuu
– added Realistic stadium preview.
– added green grass graphics.
– completed transfer 100 + .
– added keeper gloves by Reusch.
– revised team squad.
– BPL licensed.
– fake competitions updated. (EPL; Bundesliga will be fixedin next update)
– added old trafford v3 by christmas
– added Allianz Arena by Ko.
– added 60 boots.
– added PES 14 trainer by Sachiko.
– added hd corner flag.
– added captain band for UEFA Champions league and Europa league.
– added referee kits.(UCL,exhibition and AFC )
– added dlc 1.0 ( official update 1.01)
C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download


New Balls :
Ligue 1 Official
UCL Finale 13 OM
KING Chile 2013-2014
UEFA Europa League
UEFA SuperCup Official
Nike Incyte LFP


How to Install :

* 1. For 32-bit users: *
* There should be Folder called KONAMI inside Program Files (C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014) *
* If not, create one and install PES inside that Folder. *
* Then you can install patch from the installer. *
* *
* 2. For 64-bit users: *
* By default your PES in installed in (C:\Program Filesx86\Pro Evolution Soccer) *
* Create a folder called KONAMI inside Program files, not Program filesx86 (C:\Program Files\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer) *
* Install PES inside that Konami folder and then run the patch setup. *
* *
* For problems refer here: *
* *, Yandex & Mirrorcreator Download Links for PES 2014 PES Smoke Patch Gold v0.1

Transfer Update:!NpxXlJYY!C1N9TV…GlDXVynkm5A1Mk

Download PES Smoke Patch Gold [PES 2014] :!x9h2jZBB!O6AahW…OgbVpY_8h5RRmk!slIUEIAQ!J63YoG…BLqKgsQPGyK5fk!pg4WDSqb!HGHJ7g…N2WTyoHq6eEccI!Z4pGmBpA!dTNdxE…RKcdv6QdaBW0_M!gpYSHbBL!f_r7jA…4QJy4aSTot3CBQ


Password : smoke


Tested versions: (windows 8.1 pro 32-bit and 64-bit), (windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit), (windows 7 home premium), (windows xp service pack 3)


For any problems and update news :


For Patches from pes 2009 to pes 2013:


Thanks to jenkey, christmas, Sachiko, Stahuuuu, Chdan, KO, drunk, Reusch, moddingtr, and others for their direct and indirect help.
Thanks to dido_smoke (Fadi Alkam) for his help and support.


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