2013 Patch 5.0 – New Season with Transfers ! 2013 Patch 5.0 Preview:
PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 5.0 Preview 2013 Patch 5.0 coming in first week of August for PES 2013. After finish transfer date, 2013 Patch 5.0 will have update for transfers. releasing 2013 Patch 5.0 Torrent download links. 2013 Patch 5.0 New Features:


The above list is not final and more transfers and kits are going to be added prior to the release. New faces and balls will also be included.


Transfer Video:

The transfers are as of July 22 and will be updated before the patch release. The kits are also not final and will be updated as well. 2013 Patch 5.0 General Features: 2013 Patch 5.0 Download links
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  1. mohamed says:

    pes2013 patch 5.0

  2. lilith says:

    5.0 wow
    you really hardworking arent you?

  3. Paras says:

    we want manchester united new away kit 2013-14

  4. Edge says:

    I saw that Zenit and Rubin Kazan just changed their logo :/

  5. mohammad says:

    Please see the faces of the Iranian soccer team put together a new patch 5. Thank you.

  6. Real 3Alawi says:

    please when u put the download links 🙁

  7. Rizal says:

    Please Update Indonesia Starting XI… And Manchester United Youngster Like Lingard & M Keane


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  9. zack says:

    When the Patch 5.0 download links come out????

  10. patrick says:

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  11. The Reds says:

    liverpool fans want iago aspas & coutinho new face and hair. Thank you .

  12. lilith says:

    Coming sOOOOOOOn…

  13. wayne07 says:

    common babies! I can’t wait

  14. RipRip says:

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  15. Hakan says:

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    wayne07 thanks alot

  19. enrique says:

    wayne07 you rock man ,,
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    this link for pes edit 2013 5.0

  21. ayman says:

    it is released today

  22. Paras says:

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  23. bogdy22 says:

    Why should I use torrent

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  25. turko says:

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  26. Andi says:

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  27. Paul says:

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  29. Sathya Narayana says:

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  30. Alaa Ali says:

    It’s wonderful patch. Thanks

  31. Ahmed says:

    Fix the torrent link

  32. wukass says:

    Does anyone have problem with game after he installed patch ?

  33. Sathya Narayana says:

    Are you kidding me ???

  34. Edge says:

    For the next version of this patch,please put the new logo of Zenit and don’t forget to update Celtic,Steaua and CFR Cluj who almost changed all their roster,just to help out,thank you.

  35. ali says:

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  39. mohammad says:

    Why Rubin Kazan Russia and N.E.C teams Iranian players in the team are not in the Netherlands?
    sardar azmoon in Rubin Kazan
    Jahanbakhsh in N.E.C Holland

  40. Ofurosuki says:

    Will this patch work on the PS3?

  41. neville says:

    game has become lil bit difficult 2 play …

  42. irina says:

    thanks you 🙂

  43. ziko says:

    patch pes2010 a 2013

  44. abed masalma says:

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