PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 4.0 + 4.01 Fix – New Transfers

PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 4.0 Previews:


PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 4.0 including new Summer transfers in PES 2013. In total more than 600 New transfers included in PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 4.0   PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 4.0 New Features:

Video for Transfers:   PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 4.0 General Features:

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Mirrorcreator links. Download via zippyshare, gamefront and other download sites


PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 4.01 (FIX) Features:
Issues with Liga Adelante, Serie bwin and Ligue 2 2nd division switches
Issue with Bundesliga teams not showing in Others Europe when Liga Argentina is selected


Installation instructions included in rar.




Uploaded links…_4.0.part1.rar…_4.0.part2.rar…_4.0.part3.rar…_4.0.part4.rar…_4.0.part5.rar…_4.0.part6.rar…_4.0.part7.rar…_4.0.part8.rar

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    pes patch team is awesome!!!

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    cmon man release it….can’t wait

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    I want to patch on PS3…

  5. aziz says:

    c’mon man

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  7. cristianironaldi says:

    is this patch for ps3…? if yes…can it be use for ps3 that has not been jailbreak..?

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    When you go out?

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    هينزل امتا

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    Release torrent pleAse

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    please make tahiti in the game and put real squads to the teams who participate in the cinfederations cup

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    it has been 2 days…whats taking you so long???

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    rouhaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iran president.

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    Is it still being published?
    And you can take over torrent? :))

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    zippyshare please please

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    wat the fuck man ….when will you realese it?????????????????????????? bullshit

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    hey mad ass…we waited 2 days for torrent not for these fuckin 8 parts…. FUCK YOU

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    is this for ps3

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    hey guys, gamefront, links etc ZippyShare mirrorcreator ORIGINAL!!

    p1 –
    p2 –
    P3 –
    P4 –
    p5 – http://
    p6 –
    P7 –
    p8 –

  23. sasan says:

    does it work for ps3 ???

    • Adnan says:

      No how many times do they need to say that patches are only for PC but you can download option files to ps3 and if you want to patch you r pes on ps3 or xbox then go to youtube and check it out

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  25. Robelo says:

    Como corrigir a libertadores update, todos os times estão com o nome ÁUSTRIA no novo patch 4.0 Pesedit 2013.

    Obrigado pela atenção.

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    Great work for the PESEDIT team as always. Keep it up! Couldn’t ask for more, but still waiting for the Torrent link, though…

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    WTF youu Guy’s
    Give Some Respect For Them (Admin)
    Let TheM Work
    We Just Wait until Torrent Link Post in This Website


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    pretty sad to see all those unthankful comments bithcing about the lack of torrent links..
    whatever..thx again for the new patch, you’re the best 🙂

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    Thanks for TORRENT! <3

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    Why it say “File not found” when I want the Torrent Links????

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    thank you pespatchs team! 🙂

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    Why it say “File not found” when I want the Torrent Links???????

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    thank you very much !!!!

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    when i try play a match or edit game plan the game crash

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    why i can’t download when i am entering “” password
    fix it please

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    thankyou for fix it
    i can download it right now ^_^

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    4.01 (fix) link isn’t working it seems.

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    4.0.1 Link not work!!

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    esse patch funciona no Xbox ?

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    My favorite site. Awesome dude! thank u.. 🙂 🙂 😉

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    The torrent link doesnt work, please fix.
    Thanks PesPatchs Team

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    esse pacth e para xbox travado serve

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    ou le linke de telecharger

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    there is a fake dresses ……… someone can help me !!!!!!!

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    after i install the patch i can’t run the game i don’t know what should i do ?