PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 3.0 – Updated Winter Transfers

PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 3.0 Preview: 2013 Patch 3.0 neijder Galatasaray

PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 3.0 Includes new winter transfers in PES 2013. You can download PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 3.0 via torrent and Zippyshare in


PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 3.0 Transfers Video:


PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 3.0 New Features:


PESEDIT.COM 2013 PATCH 3.0 General Features:


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Official Download Links:…_3.0.part1.rar…_3.0.part2.rar…_3.0.part3.rar…_3.0.part4.rar…_3.0.part5.rar…_3.0.part6.rar

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  1. Tri Broto says:

    Can’t wait for torret file… please upload… thanks… forza Milan…

  2. Nabil Fawwaz El Qayyim says:

    Toreent!, please

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  5. Kwiatek says:

    Where is Bartosz Salomon ??? New Milan defender ???

  6. brogy says:


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  7. Hashliansyah says:

    quickly please, cant wait!

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  9. vishal tanwar says:

    cant wait for the latest patch nd dis is simply a superb website for patches i love it

  10. alireza says:


  11. iwan arifianto says:

    Why patch 3.0 after last released 2.8?
    Skip for patch 2.9?

  12. VICIADO EM PES says:


  13. Tbessi says:

    Torrent file please . (From Algeria !)

  14. ilyes peslove says:

    i hope this patch will be better than the other an please chek the download links every time

  15. veton musliu says:

    when will the gamefront download be released ?
    i hope the part 5 of the file isnt broken like the 2.8 patch one 😉

  16. deagle_07 says:


  17. Chris says:

    Awesome! Gago in Vélez!! Thanks for the patch guys! You really rock!

  18. Dw1 says:

    The weekend is useless without this.

    But of course hope it is accurate, bug-free and with fast torrent download too.

  19. asda says:


  20. Brian says:

    Por favor subanlo!!!!!!

  21. Guille.B says:

    Para cuando estaría disponible la descarga del patch?

  22. mohamed says:

    2013 is the best

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  25. mo_borneo says:

    Torrent please….!!! quick…

  26. hazard says:

    torrent pls i cant wait

  27. hossein says:

    I can’t wait.

  28. Carlos says:

    I think that pes 2014 will be released sooner then this 3.0 patch 🙂

  29. Giacomo says:

    Hope you include Carrizo, Kuzmanovic, Kovacic and Benassi into Inter, I haven’t seen them in the video.. Also, Kovacic should be made much better than how it is in the game.. Thank you so much for your work!!!

  30. sanisan says:

    we want torrent !!!
    upload please, thanks

  31. Nabil says:


  32. lover says:

    the 2013 patch 3.0 is available
    please upload it on torrent thank you i love you

  33. hat says:

    patch released before 3 hrs…on uploaded!!!!!!

  34. mujeeb says:

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  35. N9 says:

    hey so how long gonna take for the torrent ?

  36. ball says:

    zippyshrae please!!

  37. Hate Fifa says:

    hopefully soon face up in gamefront or torrent link for that server and uploaded worst server that exists!

  38. N9 says:

    shure first pes 14 then this patch 😉

  39. no name says:

    waiting 4 torrent

  40. sdadgfkagfha says:

    when will be the torrent file released?

  41. N9 says:

    maybe balloteli can fix this upload problem

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  43. William says:

    we need torrenttttttttt

  44. Akmal says:

    Torrent And Mediafire Please

  45. carlos says:

    the speed is not good. for me the speed go to 20 kb/s plzzz SEED

  46. MMI says:

    speed is fine, thanks a lot/ about 45 minutes for dl

  47. ceasu says:

    0.6 kb ;\

  48. ShaowBoy says:

    Thanks for torrent!!! 🙂

  49. Akmal says:

    The Torrent Download Speed IS Very Slow , Please Fix it !

  50. ShaowBoy says:

    16% has downloaded 🙂

  51. Dave says:

    80 kbps with the torrent..not so fast 😛

  52. ShaowBoy says:

    Yes the speed is very slow!! 🙁

  53. ShaowBoy says:

    200 kbps 😉

  54. ShaowBoy says:

    1 mb/s is ok 🙂

  55. veton musliu says:

    i think the gamefront download will be out next year 😉
    when pes 2014 will have its 5.0 patch ;A

  56. MMI says:

    I got about 400 kbps, so depends

  57. cekuikassure says:

    where is toorent links please

  58. veton musliu says:

    sry what pass do i need to enter so i can download from uTorrent ???????? plss reply someone

  59. cb says:

    torrent not downloading… doesn’t detect any seeds

  60. N9 says:

    speed is lame, have anybody downloaded ? how is it ?

  61. liciol says:

    please what is the password for torrent

  62. kickR says:

    slow has hell 0.2kbps.. 🙁

  63. AKYOL says:

    If its not downloading, click right and update trackers in utorrent

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  65. Lord Snow says:

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  70. cb says:

    finaççy the download worked…started very slow (10 kb/s) then it becamoe slightly better (50 k) and yhe last 200 Mb went like 500 k/s

  71. Tri Broto says:

    Fully great thanks for the torrent file… Forza Milan..

  72. mannerohardy says:

    tq very much ….

  73. Speed says:

    Lah Kontol

  74. Hashliansyah says:

    100kbps average my torrent speed

  75. Hashliansyah says:


  76. sss says:

    Hi all, can someone tell me how to get the torrent file??? i cant download it or direct download to utorrent ????

  77. rumansyah11 says:

    single link on media fire please !!

  78. mehdi says:

    links Gamefront Pleaaaaaaaase hurry up
    we are waiting

  79. N9 says:

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  80. manchester city says:

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  81. EL SIETE says:

    Torrent is great,and he is behind the video up on this page!!! is password!!!!

  82. arBeR says:

    does this patch work for ps3 ?

  83. Giacomo says:

    Downloaded the torrent but can’t open it. It says that it’s an invalid app and can’t run in Win32. The install file is 0 byte, it’s like it doesn’t exist and at the end of the download it just starts downloading again. Any suggestion??

  84. Giacomo says:

    My antivirus also detected a trojan!!!

  85. Alexandre Silva says:

    coloquem logo o Torrent por favor, mau espero pra jogar atualizado… ;D

  86. darko says:

    What’s the code for the torrent?

  87. veton musliu says:

    torrent is too slow it shows me 2 weeks :@ fix it plss 😉

  88. AyOub Brç says:

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  89. Alfi Mughni TAqin says:

    Part5 from gamefront is corrupt. please fix it!

  90. Mohammad says:

    please add Afghanistan national teame please

  91. darrell616 says:

    error, d3dx9_43.dll ?? i need help please!

  92. Jan says:

    Part 5 of gamefront is wrong, doesn’t work
    Help me please!


    Thus, I am this INSTALLED BUT WE NOW DOES NOT WORK PES, WHAT IS IT? BEFORE I HAD THIS PATCH 2.8 and this is 3.0, but it does not work, well I took it off but nothing !!! Help me, please. :)))


    HELP PLEASE, ERROR d3dx9_43.dll !!! HELP, OMG

  95. Daniel says:


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  97. jotch says:

    file part 5 corrupted…
    plez repair.

  98. kATAi says:

    Gamefront Part 5 corrupted please fix this can’t to redownload whole parts again

  99. adib says:

    please fix part 5…..

  100. edo says:

    Can’t wait for Zippyshare Download… please upload..

    Thanks before 🙂

    Glory-Glory Manchester United !!

  101. Firman says:

    All download links doesn’t work, better than all links

  102. emre says:

    zippyshare please

  103. S E R B I A ! says:

    Monkeys, you see that all the prayers! let’s fix that PATCH, why do not you do it?! Be a man and to improve it, while you’re put on SITE! I BAD SPEAK ENGLESH, HELP! 🙂

  104. Anthony says:

    I know that maybe 20 people mentioned about corrupt part 5, but I want to say it again: IT DOESN’T WORK! FIX IT!

  105. Daniel says:

    upload then from MEDIAFIRE 🙁 I Want play this

  106. Adam Sin says:

    Why is everyone complaining about links when you have the torrent option? Anyway, thank you very much for the torrent! =D The speed was between 500/900kbs Fast enough! 😉

    • hellyeah says:

      same speed was here…. anyways for beckham fans change his registered position to cmf in game and secondary as rmf and see his rating rise to 87-88 since he played at cmf in la galaxy……

    • ramu says:

      I can’t open the torrent file, how did you do this?

  107. reza says:

    Please for the last part from the uploaded, i just need to download the last part,,,-_-

  108. andres says:

    thank ShaowBoy

  109. Mohammad says:

    Gamefront Part 5 corrupted please fix it

  110. shaarawy says:

    whre are kaka and kucka and saponara in ac milan?
    this patch missed few player

  111. jup04 says:

    Kaka and Kucka arent going to be in milan, cause the deals are cracked.. Saponara will be in milan next season 😉

  112. Mohamed says:

    where is the password for downloading the torrent please ?

  113. falhan says:

    napa part 3 nya gak bisa Di download? help please!

  114. falhan says:

    why the third part can’t be downloaded?! help please!

  115. João says:

    you can do it, put the second Portuguese league ? please

  116. Frank says:

    Thanks for Mega link <3 <3

  117. Gaecholas Cage says:

    when i install this pesedit,my PES2013 can’t said some file missing and reinstall again.but,when i reinstall again,the same thing happen.the file missing something like this $$ajd.dll.what happen actually? can anybody help me?

  118. walisson says:

    key is

  119. Dian says:

    sdh slesai download, begitu diinstall ternyata error

    muncul tulisan :

    The program can;t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    any solution?.help me please…….

  120. steive1207 says:

    there 2 problem
    first: rld.$$A and rld_$$A is a Trojan by ESET antivirus and clean him the game can’t play
    second: the red ball in uefa champion league is hard to see here win u play competition

  121. henda says:

    i like this

  122. crayon says:

    this patch is created by messi fan/ cr7-hater. just compare the stat with original stat from konami. they had done this since PES2011.





  123. neville says:

    i am still facing problem in FL wen i play Europa league !!! i am voicing dis my opinion since long time…bt the bug still persists in next patch 🙁
    please remove the bug … evry time PES2013 game shuts down immediately just before Europa cup game

  124. Boris says:

    Does anyone have problem with kits? Barca, Atletico… a lot of them have only blue and orange PES jerseys, not the real one. How to fix that? 🙂

    • jup04 says:

      no, Barca and Atletico have got the right kits (at least for me..), but in the French National team, I’ve got this problem. Only a light blue away kit!

  125. sprinko says:

    thank you is good

  126. Diogo says:

    Gostaria de ter o link para o download

  127. dodo says:

    hımm nice

  128. M. Fahrezi Fatahillah says:

    I love PES!!

  129. hung says:

    a great patch ver but i feel that the difficult level as easier than older ver. Super start so easy :d

  130. sachin says:

    how to download patch plz rep me fast

  131. rian says:

    saya mau download

  132. Ruan Aguiar says:

    Vllw ae pelo download . deu tudo certinho 🙂