2013 Patch 2.8 – Updated Winter Transfers 2013 Patch 2.8 Previews: 2013 Patch 2.8 Preview - 2013 Patch 2.8 Preview 2013 Patch 2.8 Including New Winter Transfers. Please look the down for detail list of winter transfers. Also Download 2013 Patch 2.8 with torrent server 2013 Patch 2.8 New Features: 2013 Patch 2.8 Download Links: 2013 Patch 2.8 Torrent Download

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Gamefront Download:

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Official Download Links:…_2.8.part1.rar…_2.8.part2.rar…_2.8.part3.rar…_2.8.part4.rar…_2.8.part5.rar…_2.8.part6.rar 2013 Patch 2.8 General Features: 2013 Patch 2.8 How to Install:
1. Remove ‘kitserver13′ folder inside PES 2013 install directory (optional, skip if this is
the first patch version you’re installing)
2. Install the patch
3. Start the game via pes2013.exe / start menu folder / Selector

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  1. Nabil Fawwaz El Qayyim says:

    torrent, please

  2. hanz says:


  3. Indonesia, The WiNNER says:

    my first…. thank u..

  4. huachin says:

    Uploaded not please…other server?

  5. suhairi says:

    torrent please ?? THX

  6. mrb says:

    4 hours and no torrent yet? come on we are dying!!!

  7. wini says:

    Torrent Please, I prefer a thousand times per download torrent

  8. Piiipe says:

    will upload the torrent

  9. rudex says:

    torrent please bro

  10. Tri Broto says:

    Torrent file Please…..

  11. ricardo335 says:

    Where is the uTorrent link??

  12. Muhammad Hafidzul Islam says:

    please update Kitserver!

  13. João says:

    Thank you!!! Great work!

  14. Tri Broto says:

    Thanks for torrent file… Great Work…

  15. guilherme says:

    xbox, ps3 or pc ?

  16. Nazs says:

    Version still 1.00..why?

  17. glauco says:

    Thanks for posting by Torrent and Zippyshare. 🙂

  18. Vegeta_69 says:


  19. Imad says:

    Hi guys, i got a problem each time i try to run Pes 2013 with a new PESEdit update though i follow the steps very carefully, I cannot improve the gamespeed via the kitserver,( i don’t know even if it is attached or not) and i got two executables which one has to be attached ? PES2013.exe, or PES_2013.exe thanks in advance

  20. luis alfredo says:

    descargando espero que sirva saludos

  21. rpmm says:

    what’s the registration code that the game ask when I try to use online mode?
    Can anyone give me a registration code?

  22. Pamuji says:

    part3 on zippyshare and link dead, help

  23. shaarawy says:

    hey part 2 till part 6 “File does not exist on this server” at Zippyshare Download!!!! what wrong with this…

  24. jBlaugrana says:

    Thumbs Up! 😀 (Y)

  25. jBlaugrana says:

    How about pesedit 2012 patch? will they produce new one?

  26. jBlaugrana says:

    mind if I ask, what is kitserver?

  27. alfianto says:

    min part 3 link zippyshare tolong diperbaiki, thanks!

  28. noki says:

    sedot mantab aaahhh….

  29. victor says:

    I found bug !
    When you playing in “football life” mode, in Npower championship, the teams who wins promorion dont go in Premiership !
    The new season starts with the same teams !

    SUX !

  30. sabeur says:

    please HD turfs for all stadiums
    In PesEdit2.8

  31. rpmm says:

    Can someone give me the registration code for play online, please…

  32. victor says:

    Can you fix this bug ?!
    I’m playing with Leeds Utd. and cant step up to Premiership !

    • neville says:

      i 2 having the same problem…while playing birmingham city…bt problem comes wen playin europa cup matches!!!kitserver nt attaching…so jerseys nd flags go haywire 🙁 …wat d use of new updates…if kitserver doesnt attach pes.exe

  33. kevin 1006 says:

    Thx so much for the torrent download links otherwise i’ll be waiting forever and ever just to finish this downloading this patch :D!

  34. fares says:

    guys i have a serious problem however i download the patch torrent or via zippy my kaspersky detects trojan on the dll after i install the patch what should i do ?

  35. says:

    part 5 error, other link except gamefront dead
    please reupload

  36. carlos daza says:

    hi-.. una pregunta y respuesta al tiempo…la respuesta para el q pregunta por cl código de registro para jugar online el sigte($$$compra el juego original$$$)..
    y la pregunta es –porque si switcheo para jugar online me baja del parche oficial 1.03 al 1.00..con el pesedit 2.8..agradezco respuesta.. o como cambio a 103 sin necesidad de esperar otro parche???

  37. Anjas says:

    File Patch 2.8 from torrent download eror

    kitserver13/GDB/faces/RPL/Anzhi/Traore_hair2.bin:This file contains invalid data. (Error 11FD)

  38. thamer says:


  39. arya putra says:

    still downloading via torrent @20kB/s from indonesia

  40. LAZAR says:

    I have a problem, I downloaded it with torrent, and when I instal, it showes me that its infected with Trojan virus, someone help please ? 🙁 sry for my bad english

  41. IRSAD says:

    Broken link, sam…..

  42. Richard says:


  43. stifan j says:

    part 5 error when extracted, please reupload the link

  44. stifan j says:

    part 5 on gamefront error when extracted, please reupload the link

  45. Dimitrije S says:

    It doesn’t work on win7?
    It works fine when the game is installed but after patch installation it breaks an execption in .NET and it asks me to click “Details” or “Continue”.
    Asks for .NET 4 and i have it but it doesn’t matter.
    please help…

  46. James says:

    Please take extras in patch 2.8 that is not exist in patch 2.7 because it takes time to download 1 gb for everyone have downloaded patch 2.7

  47. people says:

    1) del kitserve13 if you have.
    2) install patch2.8.
    3) go to kitserver13 diretory in /konami…
    4) execute as administrator -> config.exe

    5) select enforce picture quality -> medium.
    6) enforce custon resolution -> (my is 800/600)
    7) save e close the config.exe.

    8) execute as administrator -> managener.exe
    9) selection que pes2013.exe and fist click on detach and now click on attach.
    10) close the manager.exe

    11) execute pes2013 and ignore to play.

  48. luiz henrique says:

    Hello I wonder if this patch is to ps3?

  49. KT says:

    is this patch work on PS3?

  50. ilyes peslove says:

    please please please fix link number 5 because when i want to extract the patch he says that he is cirrupted

  51. ilyes peslove says:

    i mean corrupted

  52. adjie says:

    how install this patch

  53. adib says:

    fix link no 5 pliss!!!its corrupted

  54. adib says:

    thank you. i just installed it..:)

  55. dhydan says:

    please fix link part 5 for gamefront,, my file is corrupt

  56. emil says:

    is this patch working on PS3?