PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 – Torrent



PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 Information:
PESEDIT Team announced PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 for PES 2013. You will find summer transfers,  New Teams and Npower Championship in PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 . You can download this patch with torrent server.


PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 New Features:


NOTE Transfers ARE NOT completely correct, we tried to fix some of the most important teams but it is impossible for us to transfer and create as many players as are missing. Transfers will be updated with a small update after the DLC release (October 11th)


PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 General Features:


PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 Download Links:…_1.2.part1.rar…_1.2.part3.rar…_1.2.part2.rar


Fix for ML and Bal Crashes:


PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 Torrent Download Links:
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Please Keep seed


PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 List of New Songs:
Default – Django Django
Blue Cassette – Friendly Fires
The Wave – Miike Snow
Sleep Alone – Two Door Cinema Club
Where Are Your People – We Have Band
If Only We Remain – Two Wounded Birds
Garden – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Everybody’s On The Run – Noel Gallagher
Please Ask For Help – Telekinesis
What Else Is There? – Röyksopp


PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 Installation:
1. Remove ‘kitserver13’ folder inside PES 2013 install directory (optional, skip if this is
the first patch version you’re installing)
2. Install the patch
3. Start the game via pes2013.exe / start menu folder / Selector


PESEDIT 2013 PATCH 1.2 More Screens:

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47 Responses so far.

  1. elrhazy says:


  2. Hari says:

    where are the links for download? will be soon?

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

    i will post mediafire or gamefront links when the patch is relesed and maype i will put fast torrent link 🙂

  4. PESbuddy10 says:

    When will you release this patch? Inwhat exact date?

  5. jansen says:

    From all the South African PES fans, a big fuck you to CNA for postponing the shelf date for PES 2013 with another WHOLE MONTH. Total violation of our consumer rights that EA (it’s in the copying of the other their shelves earlier than KONAMI – still waiting to be unpacked because of this bullshit marketing scheme. PES ’til death!

  6. Astarot says:

    I’ve already seen links on your site “Pesedit” but there are only Uploaded links, I can’t get it from there could you post other links on your site or torrent link on this site?

  7. rossonero75 says:

    How to remove previous patch?

  8. steban3 says:

    it is already at the pirate bay . se so look for it 😉

  9. Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

    t h e p i r a t e b a y . s e /torrent/7696452/PESEdit.com_2013_-_Patch_1.2

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

    MediaFire Links 🙂 :
    Part 1 : m e d i a f i r e . c o m /?cu8dn6lycjei1yu
    Part 2 : m e d i a f i r e . c o m /?in8fmd8agoc9y6p
    Part 3 : m e d i a f i r e . c o m /?ioe7c9pczks391d
    Password: heartcatcher
    Just Remove Spaces & Enjoy 😀 .

  11. Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

    MediaFire + Torrent Links Are in One Link :
    p a s t e 2 . o r g /p/2300822 ((Remove Spaces)) .
    Password : heartcatcher
    Enjoy 🙂 .

  12. Hari says:

    it doesn’t work for me.. the game is just keep crashing out, maybe a minute after I start it..
    anyone else??

  13. powerkid says:

    installer.exe is corrupt when extracting……

  14. powerkid says:

    solved with 7zip

  15. powerkid says:

    installer.exe show me error this file contain invalid data

  16. wayne07 says:

    i don’t see Npower championship. why??

  17. Me says:

    how can i import the old savegamefrom be a legend??

  18. bradley says:

    Pls upload gamefront or jungle links

  19. wukass says:

    How to disable boot boosting in Ml ?

  20. Fucking Shit says:

    Hey You!! I want a game version that will not crush in the cup´s game like champions league or libertadores.. All yours patchs can use the exibithion and with some stadiums, not all of them.
    Please upload a fix for this

    Thank you

  21. The Red Warriors says:

    Does anyone have the same problem. After I istall this patch, when i want to open my PES 2013 the error box appear say “Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has not been installed”. (My game is not original and i use crack for that). When i copy crack it normaly open but the emblem and kit are still fake..Can anyone help me please..

  22. Hari says:

    every time when i try to change boots to some players in edit mode,the game stops working..crashes out..

    and, what’s with all black boots in Master League? is there some way to change that, to play with original players boots?

  23. PES says:

    I installed the patch , but when i start the master league and go tho negotiations.. , the game crashes why ??????

  24. wukass says:

    I did
    ”1-install the fix to the game folder .
    2-disable boots .
    3-switch online to default . ”
    but when i try to make a new ml the game crashes. Help please.

  25. MN says:

    How can I disable boots ? Please help me 🙂

    • Hari says:

      i don’t know what you really want to do,but do disable boots,open pesedit application in PES 2013 folder,then switches,and down on that page you’ll see disable (for boots)

  26. LA Galaxy says:

    Whenever I do a search for a 15-19 year old goalkeeper with 70-109 stats my game crashes when I scroll down the first 6 names. WHY?

  27. Dude07 says:

    Game crashes every time I scroll down list of potential players to buy. Any fix for that?

    • Jeroen says:

      Did you already find out why the game crashes? Because i have exactly the same problem as you and it drives me crazy now

  28. timothy says:

    thanks a lot its works 🙂

  29. Jubur MU hitam says:

    gamefront links please…

    • Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

      Gamefront Links as you want 🙂 :
      Part 1 : g a m e f r o n t . c o m /files/files/22389353/PESEdit_2013_1_2.part1.rar
      Part 2 : g a m e f r o n t . c o m/files/files/22389359/PESEdit_2013_1_2.part2.rar
      Part 3 : g a m e f r o n t . c o m/files/files/22389361/PESEdit_2013_1_2.part3.ra
      Just Remove Spaces & Enjoy Jubur 😀 .

      • Jubur MU hitam says:

        thanks 🙂
        can u just put the links on gamefront links after we can easily download it 🙂

        • Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

          Ok This Is Mediafire , Torrent , Gamefront All in One Link :
          p a s t e 2 . o r g /p/2314388
          ((Remove Spaces)) .

  30. ricardo335 says:

    I didn’t see the Npower Championship league in the PES 2013 after i patched 🙁

    • Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

      1. switch all your internet connection to off .
      2. go to the game folder and open PESEDIT.exe ((Run As Admin)) .
      3. select 2nd division on the bar choose your league then click on the picture .

  31. Anipp says:

    Download this via torrent, and its all working good except all the kits for EPL is changed to PES kits which is horrifyung. HELP please tq.

  32. kapil says:

    how to download