PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 4.0 New Season and Transfers!




PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 4.0 Released with New Season and Transfers. You can play PES 2012 with Updated a lot more recent summer transfers. We are waiting your comments. To find detailed information, see the pdf file within the archive


PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 4.0 New Season New Features:


PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 4.0 New Season



PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 4.0 New Season

Download links:

You need to use hjsplit or 7zip software for extract the patch

PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 4.0 New Season General Features:
PESEDIT 2012 PATCH 3.5 General Features:
• Correct emblems, kits, map locations, goal net styles, team ranks, for all teams in
the game (Clubs and National)
• Complete Bundesliga including correct squads, kits, lineups, emblems, map
locations; All players with correct stats, appearence and boots
• Complete 2. Bundesliga, Liga Adelante & Npower Championship with all features
• Corrected league structure (Bundesliga, corrected Champions League)
• Disabled blur in gameplay (if you want blur back, delete unnamed_63.bin in
dt04.img folder in kitserver)
• New faces
• New kits
• New music
• lots more

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78 Responses so far.

  1. Dave says:

    ooohh, come on..not uploaded again..

  2. malekabdul says:

    gamefront link please 😉

  3. Hien says:

    mediafire link please 😉 😡

  4. Armin says:


  5. nami says:

    coooom on we want mediafire and gamefront like always

  6. glauco says:

    coloca outros servidor pra gente, desde ja agradeço…

  7. Cristiano Ronaldo 7 says:

    go to mysoccerpatch to get the gamefront links

  8. anwarsarif says:

    yg Gamefront dong plissss

  9. anwarsarif says:

    gamefront Link

  10. asu says:

    Fucking Uploaded, Blocked IP

  11. van Genbezto says:

    Mediafire please 🙂

  12. Martin says:

    This link downl 70 Kb/s it very bad man… :))

  13. Makaveli says:

    Torrent likns pls!?

  14. AMIR says:

    HELLO. I download all files from the game FRONT but the first file after the download was a zip file that I can notice. Please help me? How do I use this patch?

  15. anwarsarif says:

    Gamefront tapi yg rar,thanks

  16. gaung says:

    i already finish the download all of part in gamefront, but there are no install.exe inside,.the whole type was .file, how can i install this patch please help me..thanks

  17. assssssss says:

    game front files corrupt !!! f##k

  18. caesario says:

    why part 1 rar type and part 2 002 type

  19. caesario says:

    part 1 corrupt please reupload

  20. caesario says:

    part 1 from gamefront is corrupt any reupload please

  21. omid says:

    fuck this type of uploading file …

  22. agung says:

    Error at .001 file.. someone help e im confused

  23. omid says:

    I found a way for the first file !if you use “IDM” -before pressing the “start download”- add a “.001” at the end of name !then use HJ-split .that worked for me.

  24. CHRISTIAN TR says:

    (Sorry before for my Bad Languange ^^,)

    Step 1 : Just Simple , star => Control Panel = > tools => folder option => view = > remove cross “Hide extensions for known file types” then ok.

    Step 2 : Go to your File location , Original name PESEdit_PES2012_4_0.7z.7z Then Remove last .7z change into .001 for Example PESEdit_PES2012_4_0.7z.7z => PESEdit_PES2012_4_0.7z.001 (Don’t Forget Completed Step 1)

    Step 3 : If you fine this words : “if you change a file name extension, the file might become unusable. are you sure you want to change it?”
    Click yes. It works For me.

    And Then After All you just Join All File With Hjsplit . Thank’s Good Luck.

    • ary says:

      no change for me.
      the extension just “Win7.001”, all file that i change to “.001” will change automatically to “win7.001”

      • CHRISTIAN TR says:

        Sorry I’m Forget .. I’m use link gamefront for the patch , or can you give me a Screenshot ..

        IF you want change the file , you must done step 1. and then you remove the last name like .7z or .rar into .001 and join with Hjsplit. But if your all file like .rar or .7z , you just extract

        I hope i’ts work for you 🙂

  25. Anonymous says:

    The parts of PES Edit 4.0 stored in don’t work anymore. Please update them asap.

  26. Rooney says:

    Plz add Nick Powell into Manchester United squad!!!

  27. ary says:

    which the fix way to install this patch correctly(patch in gamefront link)???
    i am 7 OS user.
    can someone insist that the patch is invalid file???

  28. َpistol says:

    please change the rar files download center to game front!
    because it’s easier for us to download from there!

  29. Christopher says:

    amigo la verdad no entiendo como descomprimirlo me sale que el archivo intalls esta dañado si hicieras algun video tutorial seria fantastico

  30. Word says:

    After installing, there are now dummy players on almost every team. Its a wonderful patch but I cant play the game when its like this. Halp Pls

  31. s3mt3x says:

    Make windows show the files extension. Then rename the file
    PESEdit_PES2012_4_0.7z.7z to

    Then from this new file right-click choose 7Zip, Extract To PesEdit_PES2012_4.0

    Done, you’ve got your Installer .Exe

  32. pirlo says:

    I’ve been downloading patch 3.5,all kits and players were seem updated..

  33. Gabriel Lopez says:

    Saldra algun parche con la nueva temporada y transferencia como el 4.0 pero para Ps3 ? O solo es disponible para PC gracias

  34. nymka says:

    help me Im need pes2012 logo patch and team update pls pls all

  35. سفيان says:

    is the patch compatible with dlc4.00 ?

  36. omar says:

    Good patch i will Dawnload it 😀

  37. cr0w5 says:

    hjsplit, winrar, and 7zip can’t open the joined file!!
    ERROR “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged”

  38. deathrow says:

    i need patch for ibra and tiago and song and so on for pes 2012

  39. semir says:

    work this patch?

  40. EL ASSAL says:

    some faces are not correct pedro, alves. ozil…

  41. zephyr says:

    incorrect emblem for almost all teams

  42. Parker says:

    van persie still at arsenal?

    • dost says:

      this patch’s released on August 9, before he moved to Manchester United. move it by yourself, or wait for next “small patch”. or look for the guy who dedicated enough to move the not-moved-yet player and uploaded the option file. 😀

  43. zaeaza says:

    I want to ask …

    how if after the update patch, the lineup that we have played in the league / cup before it also changed the composition of players in accordance with the latest patches

  44. Thierry says:

    I have successfully downloaded the files from gamefront, i have combined them into a single file of almost 1.3Go and what i get is still an archive. and when i try to open this archive, it shows this message : ERROR “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged”. i tried same thing several time…i’m getting fool of this fucking message. how may i solve this plz??

    • dost says:

      one part of the files you’ve downloaded is damaged, perhaps incomplete. if you still have the part-file, check the size. then recheck with the size it is supposed to be (look on the repository web from which you downloaded it). that way, you don’t have to re-download all the part-file. hope this could help.

  45. mohi says:

    luka modritc in real madred !§§§§§§§§§§§§??????????????????????????????????????? or nnnot

  46. helmi says:

    pesedit 4.0.1 vanperse in MU pleaseeee

  47. idontknowthisprogram says:

    software WinRAR can’t use or not telll me pls?

  48. dhaniiii says:

    part 1 : 200mb
    part 2 : 200mb
    part 3 : 200mb
    part 4 : 200mb
    part 5 : 200mb
    part 6 : 122mb??true or i download broken file
    part 7 : 72mb

  49. FUCK'IN UPDATE says:


  50. FUCK'IN UPDATE says:


  51. PESMANIA says:

    next PATCH pliz…

  52. dhaniiii says:

    gampang aja kok,rename part 1 .7z menjadi .001 terus join pake hjsplit atau sejenisnya,setelah file ter join ekstrak pake winrar,setelah di ekstrak nanti akan ada file instalernya

  53. dzulkifli says:

    gimana nih… cara yang benar???

  54. Jimmy says:

    Kalian dodoooolll semua. aku aja bisa. sukses kali.

  55. unnamed says:

    why too many dummy in this patch?

  56. PES Player says:

    all the link was dead. reupload please.