PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 + Update 1.1 + Update 1.2

PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 + Update 1.1 + Update 1.2

PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 Previews:

PESEdit team released PESEdit Euro 2012 Patch Add-on version 1.0 for PESEDIT 2012 Patches. So You need PESEDIT Patch.Pesedit team recommended PESEDIT 2012 Patch 3.4  for download.

You can download PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 here with Mediafire, Gamefront and Rapidshare links.

PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 Features:

  • Adboards: Correct adboards with official sponsor brandings
  • Balls: Correct EURO 2012 match ball & Final match ball
  • Boots: New EURO 2012 boots of Adidas, Puma, Nike, Umbro
  • Faces: Updated faces and hairstyles for many players
  • Kits: EURO 2012 kits including correct armbands and sleeve badges
  • Menu: All new EURO 2012 themed menu style
  • Music: EURO themed soundtrack
  • Referees: Real referee faces
  • Selector: Own tab in selector, options to enable or disable add-on, to show all European national teams or only qualified ones etc.
  • Stadiums: All 8 EURO 2012 stadiums available
  • Squads: All correct squads for the 16 qualified teams
  • Stats: Updated EURO 2012 squad players’ stats
  • Trophy: Correct EURO Trophy

PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on Update v1.1 Features:

  • Adboards: Updated adboards according to real ones
  • Balls: Increased texture quality
  • Boots: Increased texture quality
  • Emblem: Added option to use ‘feather style’ flags
  • Faces: A lot new & updated faces for many EURO 2012 players (50+)
  • Kits: Updated kits + added correct sleeve patches
  • Menu: Added 2 new menu colourways + different main menu option
  • Scoreboard: Updated scoreboard & replay logo (thanks to KO)
  • Selector: Fixed a few bugs
  • Stadiums: Added new Kiev stadium (thanks to jnny) + fixed some smaller bugs
  • Other: Fixed a few bugs


  • Adboards partly by steadyontherem8
  • Feather flags by MU4ever
  • Kiev stadium by jnny

You need to enable the EURO Add-on before you install Update 1.1 


PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on Update v1.1 New Features:

  • Emblems: Added leaf style flags for menus only (thanks to Jenkey for kitsver dll)
  • Faces: New & updated faces (Diamanti, Gomez, Krohn-Dehli, Schweinsteiger, Willems etc)
  • Kits: Updated Spain & Denmark kits + a club kits as bonus (Nürnberg, Barcelona B)
  • Lineups: Updated lineups for all 16 teams
  • Stadiums: Updated Kharkiv & Gdansk stadiums
  • Transfers: Updated some summer transfers
  • Other: Fixed some smaller issues

You need to enable the EURO Add-on before you install this.

This update requires both the default version 1.0 & update 1.1 of EURO 2012 Add-on.


PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 Download Links (Rapidshare, Gamefront, Mediafire) :


Update 1.1 Download Links:


Update 1.2 Download Links:

If you have problems with the selector (file permission error), use this updated PESEDIT.exe:

PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 Song List:

• Endless Summer – Oceana
• Where Are Your People – We Have Band
• Força – Nelly Furtado
• Three Lions 98 – Skinner, Badiel & The Lightning Seeds
• Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
• Song 2 – Blur
• Paddling Out – Miike Snow
• Can You Hear Me – Enrique Iglesias
• Jerk It Out – Caesars
• I Like To Move It – Los Colorados
• Storm – Django Django
• I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li


PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 Installation:

Install the EURO 2012 Add-on to the PES 2012 install directory. (PESEdit Patch
installation is required, we recommend to use the latest version, PESEdit Patch 2012 3.4)


PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 How to Use:

The EURO Add-On will be activated by default after you installed it. You can later disable
enable it by clicking ‘Default’ or ‘EURO 2012’ in the PESEDIT Selector, EURO 2012 tab.


You can also disable not-qualified teams from participating in the EURO 2012 competition
ingame by clicking the respective buttons, which are located below the on/off switch in the


Start the game via pes2012.exe / start menu folder “PESEdit 2012 Patch” / PESEDIT


To start a new EURO 2012 competition, you have to select ‘EURO 2012 → Start new
EURO 2012’ in the PES 2012 main menu.
To have the correct matches order in group stages, you have to set up the groups like this:



More Screens:

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39 thoughts on “PESEdit EURO 2012 Patch Add-on v1.0 + Update 1.1 + Update 1.2”

  1. When I launch the selector and try to open the game, an error message appears saying Securom: Failed to initialize !


  2. very nice, thx a lot !
    But the color of the defenders is green (instead of blue), just like all the midfielders, and the left back is red (instead of blue).

    in the selector, you can’t change any settings, always an error.

    • necesitas tener todos los volumenes si no tienes uno de ellos no podra extaer bien , si los tienes verifica que no te salga un mensaje de error como ” final inesperado del archivo ” tendra que descargarlo nuvamente

  3. when i change to default mode in selector, an error message appear : acces to patk kitserver pesedit-euro is denied..

  4. My game crushes when about to play national team (African Cup) in FL BaL mode after installing the Euro patch on Pes 2012 patch 1.34

  5. PESEDIT.COM 2012 PATCH 1.0 has not been totally installed because of the following reason:
    img/pes12ic_z.sfd this file contanis invalid. (error 11FD)

    You will have to run this utillity again to completely instal PESEDIT.COM 2012 PATCH 1.0.
    plese help mee???


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