PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC Patch by Jenkey1002

PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC Previews:


PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC Video:


PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC Features:

League :

Squad :

Team :

Added new teams :

Kit :

Graphic :

Stadium :


PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC More Screens:

EURO Graphic : Full preview
– Real Trophy
– EURO Menu Icon
– EURO Scoreboard instead Copa Libertadores
– EURO Stadium preview



PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC Mediafire Download Links:
14 parts : 2.57Gb



Update : fix time bug with Gameplay tool


PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC Patch Update 1.1 Download Link:


Update 1.1 :


PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC Patch Update 1.1 Released.Features:


PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC Recommended : Alway Install & Play game with “Run As Administrator”


Note : Update for lastest boots will avaiable in 06/11


Unofficial PES 2012 EURO 2012 DLC by jenkey1002

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  1. matz says:

    link part 9 of PES 2012 Euro 2012 DLC is broken..can u reupload please?

  2. matz says:

    part 9 link is broken..can’t please

  3. Astarot says:

    How do I use it with PESEditPatch 3.4? You said it can be use with any patch.

  4. Diego ortiz says:

    I Just want the menu, how can i download only the menu style? Thaks

  5. Arak says:

    โหลด ได้ ดีมากๆ ขอบ คุณนะคับ

  6. Death Wombat says:

    Awesome patch

  7. TahirAllous says:

    @POSTER: i’ve sent you a massage to your email to support me i have a huge problem when i run the game it stops then exites but the strange thing is that the game still running which means “responding” but the systeming not respondes the clue on that is , music are still be played sometimes it stoppes but when the song ends the new song comes up with it’s title but it’s just the game is not moving and please help me it’s a great patch

  8. michel says:

    how can i install it?
    on version 1.4
    i saved the complete downloads at my usb-stick

  9. michel says:

    for pc? or ps3?

  10. kurd says:

    كيف تحميل يا أخي الجواب

  11. simphakone says:

    thank you so much

  12. xanadu says:

    please renew the link… pleaseeeeeeeeeee.. i want it really bad.. or someone know where can i download it.. T_T

  13. rami says:

    How to download