PES 2012 Kitserver 12.2.3 Compatible with 1.06 exe and PESEDIT Patch 3.3

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.2.3 released today.
its compatible with konami official update 1.06.
Also you can fix PESEDIT Patch 3.3 Bal mode save problem with PES 2012 Kitserver 12.2.3

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.2.3 Modules implemented:
– kserv
– fserv
– afs2fs
– speeder
– lodmixer
– sides

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.2.3 Download Links:

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.2.3 Credits :
programming and game analysis: juce, Robbie
example ball: from ballback by BALKAN PES BOX team

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  1. The Red Warriors says:

    how to use it. i install pesedit patch 3.3. Then what??please help..

  2. shax_x says:

    seriously, can someone explain how to implement this kitserver. I have just copied it instead if the one already used in pesedit patch 3.3, but then pespatch 3.3 doesn’t work.

  3. ERC says:

    So this patch is only to fix the Bal mode save problem, cause it’s not working for me. If I installed it correctly..

  4. Xavier says:

    It will conflict will league names etc, I suspect, because of the addition of the copa whatever in 1.06 pes.exe . Need a new copy of your “big patch” that is updated for this updated exe. I need a new copy of PSD patch or qpatch I think its called now.
    And the addons didn’t work with 1.03 or 1.06, the new addons for soundbooster and replays. It even says in the instructions “open replay.txt” but it doesnt provide one, and says change [reply] to xxx, but since the dll is replaydisable.dll it would not even make it work. Bored. But THANKS FOR KITSERVER, IT ROCKS!!! Just dont like confusing addons that dont work.

  5. Xavier says:

    Oops, the addons work. And the replay disable addon just needs a new txt doc, saved as replay.txt

    Follow the other instructions, but make sure they are in this order (or it crashes):

    replay_goal = 0
    replay_shot = 0
    replay_foul = 0
    replay_offside = 0

    —– set 0 means no replay, set 1 means replay enabled.

    Sorry for doubting Jenkey!!!

  6. pes4ever says:


    PP P EE SS
    PP EE SS

  7. Xavier says:

    Its easy.
    Get the kitserver that matches you pes2012.exe (if its pes2012.exe version 1.06, then use PES 2012 Kitserver 12.2.3).

    Put the kitserver folder into the same folder as your PES 2012.exe.
    Then open kitserver folder, double-click “manager” (or manager.exe), click “attach”, and its done.
    You may need to edit the config.txt so that it searches for the files in the right place, for example, mine is:

    img.dir = “GDB”

    dll = afsio
    dll = fserv
    dll = kserv
    dll = afs2fs
    dll = speeder
    dll = lodmixer
    dll = sides

    aspect-ratio.correction.enabled = 0
    picture.quality = 2

    [sides] = 1


    img.dir =”the path to your img folder”
    NOT including the img folder:
    D:\Konami\PES 2012\PESserver\GDB\img <-that is wrong
    D:\Konami\PES 2012\PESserver\GDB <-this is right

    Find some files you want to use, that match the kitserver build, and put them in the kitverver img folder.

  8. Xavier says:

    Oops ^^^ above should be:
    just “GDB”
    Not “D:\Konami\PES 2012\PESserver\GDB”

    If you have kitserver 12.2.3:
    copy the contents of “example-root”, then paste it into “GDB” folder.

    edit config.txt, in the “kitserver” folder, changde “img.dir=”example-root” to
    and it should all be added to the game when you start PES2012.exe
    Dont forget to “attach” using manager.exe

  9. arie says:

    for more detail

  10. Q says:

    pls anyone explain to me…how to install this things

  11. Q says:

    what pesedit that i can used with this kitservers 12.2.3?????help please