PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 + 3.3.1 Released !

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 + 3.3.1 Released !

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3  New Kits and Copa Libertadores Previews:


PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 Released !

PESEDIT team working on new patch PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 . PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3  will have updated Copa Libertadores and New league: Serie B.

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 New Features:

  • New faces: More than 230 new faces added in faceserver, in total more than 1800 faces in faceserver
  • New kits: Brazil, Croatia, France, Internacional, Ireland, Lazio, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Santos, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, USA
  • New team: SV Sandhausen
  • Other: Updated a lot Copa Libertadores teams’ squads

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 General Features:

• New league: Serie B (18 teams, all correct squads, lineups, kits, players)
• New scoreboards: Serie A; updated Bundesliga & EPL replay logos
• Correct emblems, kits, map locations, goal net styles, team ranks, for all teams in
the game (Clubs and National)
• Complete Bundesliga including correct squads, kits, lineups, emblems, map
locations; All players with correct stats, appearence and boots
• Complete 2. Bundesliga, Liga Adelante & Npower Championship with all features
• Corrected league structure (Bundesliga, corrected Champions League)
• Disabled blur in gameplay (if you want blur back, delete unnamed_63.bin in
dt04.img folder in kitserver)
• New faces
• New kits
• New music
• lots more

PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 Download Links:


PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 Bal Mode save Fix:

You must download 1.06 exe compatible Kitserver
PES 2012 Kitserver 12.2.3 


PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3.1 UPDATE Download Links:

81 thoughts on “PESEdit 2012 Patch 3.3 + 3.3.1 Released !”

  1. i got lots of dummy players in ML mode after installed…i have use the switch to switch to ML mode before starting the game….can u help me to solve this problem?thz a lot

  2. Hello, I’m from Brazil and edit accompany the patch from the beginning. In patch 3.3 I install the same way as the others, only that by the time vo save the master league, the error and closes the 2012 feet. What can be?

  3. My Master league is crashing when i am going to save it and the become a legend mode same as the ml

    can somebody help me pls

  4. please help!!! Game crashes after saving in both ML and BAL modes :((
    I tried 3.1 edit patch (since it has some fix part), but still it also crashes.
    Can you please respond asap?? there’s no sense in pes2012 playing if you can’t save games, is it???
    really disappointed. please respond.
    regards, shax.

        • why these ppl dn’t make the patch without errors … why they make the fix aftr the new patch release … 😛 thy dn’t hve any sense … lolzZ 😀

          • because they can’t know, when exactly KONAMI releases a ne patch or I may quote myself: “that’s because the dlc came out like one day after the newest patch came out, so the PESEdit Team couldn’t react on that one until now!

            Just give the team the time they need to fix all the stuff that was changed by the newest KONAMI Patch & the new DLC”

  5. Hello . I wish you make “become a legend” more realistic . Like show the player how he sign the contact and press meet him and the club’s fan taking on him . And he have a house & money to live and buy a boots & shirts . Thank you !

  6. hey sir …. !!! please fix the dlc … the boots of some players are not correct … !!! why u guys don’t make a patch that has all correct features … !!! 😛

    • that’s because the dlc came out like one day after the newest patch came out, so the PESEdit Team couldn’t react on that one until now!

      Just give the team the time they need to fix all the stuff that was changed by the newest KONAMI Patch & the new DLC

  7. and more think to ask … !! will it work fine aftr i download the latest dlc .. ??? cuz rite nw i am downloading the latest dlc … so plzz tel me fast as u can ………………………… !!!!! 🙁

    • r u nut arfakhan first u r saying to fix the dlc nd nw u r saying wil it wrk fine aftr u dwnload the latest dlc …. buhahahahah … 😀 jerk

  8. Cant save master league. WTF!!. Did everything but to no avail. Please help because I cant enjoy a great patch without ML

  9. hello…guys….fix it please….with the right patch….don’t just smile…I’m still waiting the new patch…hurry bro..

  10. I can’t save in BAL mode. so I USED THE SWITCH…….STILL CAN’T SAVE!!…i really don’t get it, if the switch says done switching to ML, why it isn’t happening…HELP PLEASE!!

    • please tell me how to use it step by step. i download the kitserver but don’t know how to make it work.

  11. to ignore dummy player install this patch 3.3 with march dlc (data pack 3.00 ver 1.03 and don’t press data pack on extra un locker normally play without copa lipartadores ball

    • no need to install the new Konami update. DLC 4.00 and version 1.06 is include in this fix patch. Just install 3.3 and 3.3.1

      • somehow not..
        first of all, i installed the new DLC, then 3.3 & after that 3.3.1
        now i started PES for the first time since then, and it started all over again..creating a new avatar and so on..the game saves are still there, but the configs seems to be damaged or so?
        in addition to that, it’s still writes out data pack 3.00, version 1.03

        I think I just install the 1.06, the DLC & after that i’ll put over the PESEdit Patch again, I hope it works 🙂

        • Worked perfectly for me, my configs are also back again.
          So for everybody, thats how to install it perfectly:
          1. Install Update 1.06
          2. Install Konami DLC 4.00
          3. Install PESEdit Patch 3.3
          4. Install PESEdit Patch 3.3.1

          • but why the crack(rld file) become virus? and when i install PESedit patch 3.3.1,the rld file become virus…need help please….

  12. GameFront link for fix causes the problem in IE. I’d be greateful for some diferent link (MediaFire or Rapidshare)

  13. Rapidshare or other link would be nice for fix cuz’ Gamefront does not work also Gamefront links for patch does not work too (at least for me – newest IE and Win Xp Home)

  14. I have a problem, when on pes editor,i try to switch leagues to championship, but when i click on the image to change, it comes up saying could not find path to…, could someone please help?


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