PES 2013 New Engine


Coming ! You know, administrator of Wenb adam bhatti announced new engine for PES 2013 

 Adam Bhatti Said: We work on new engine in Pes 2013 Old engine is limited etc Everyone will be proud from Pes 2013 To many good and strong words. I have no doubt. Pes 2013 will have new ENGINE! 🙂 I quess the same like in Metal Gear Rising 🙂



Give up the world of news these days about the revolutionary new engines.PES 2013 New ENGINE   hasnt been used before any football game simulator. so We believe, PES 2013 New ENGINE will be great for new generation footbal simulation games.

PES 2013 will be AMAZING !

but some interesting questions rising these days :

* Will konami change Pro Evolution Soccer name ?
* After PES has a new engine, is it end of editing for Community patches ?
PES 2013 New ENGINE provides new game mods ?
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Whats your idea for Pes 2013 New Engine ?

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