PES 2012 ALL National Teams Patch by Tottimas

PES 2012 ALL National Teams Patch by Tottimas

PES 2012 ALL National Teams Patch Previews:

Other Previews:

3 different scoreboard to chose
[Image: 3_ant20122012-02-2215-08-28-31.jpg]
Champions League and Copa Libertadores playable
[Image: 3_ant20122012-02-2418-39-08-95.jpg]

PES 2012 ALL National Teams Patch Features:

  • 203 national teams
  • 37 teams in Champions League
  • Copa Libertadores 2011 (no changes made, just kept it playable)
  • Real kits for all teams, new kits for referees
  • Over 440 new and improved faces (only for national teams)
  • 36 balls to chose from
  • 20 new ingame created stadiums (17 real ones + 3 fictional)
  • New grass for all stadiums
  • Real FIFA World Cup trophy
  • Real Copa America trophy
  • 3 different scoreboards
  • New chants for 60 national teams + improved generic chants for others
  • PS3 buttons
  • New background videos

PES 2012 ALL National Teams Patch Instructions:
Install the patch in the same folder where you installed PES2012 (check the install path)
Start the game with “ANT2012 – play.exe” on your desktop and enjoy!

If you have problem starting the game make sure you installed it in the correct place (some files need to be added to games img folder).
Also open “ANT2012 – config.exe” and turn on “Safemode” if necessary.
If you still have problems starting the game with this new tool, you can always start it with “ANT2012.exe” located in “ANT2012” folder, but you will not have some of the features that come with this tool (improved gameplay, scoreboards, new chants…).

PES 2012 ALL National Teams Patch Known problems:
In community mode the team you select will be doubled, so you must replace that double with some other team.

Some player mysteriously lost their real face and hair (around 30 of them, completely random). There will be an update soon with that. I only noticed that after I uploaded the patch.

Keymap for new tool (for those who don’t know about it):
F1/F2 : Show/hide menu ingame
F3/F4 : Switch scoreboard, name will be shown in top-left
F5 : Referee kit select
F6 : Snowturf switch (doesn’t work for created stadiums)
F7 : Switch Realtime AI tactic mode
F8 : Show/Hide AI status bar

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