PS3 DFL Option File PES 2012 Full – Eu version – BLES01408 – 1./2.Bundesliga|Transfers|HQ-Kits|Nationals

PS3 DFL Option File PES 2012 – Eu version – BLES01408 – 1./2.Bundesliga|Transfers|HQ-Kits|Nationals

Platform: PS3
EU Version


PES 2012 is a step in the right direction. And this year I want my file to come back a little further up. After the success from last year (more than 110,000 downloads to date) I try to reach even more this year, enlarging with a team. Fortunately, Konami has given us opportunities to do some editing. I stiffen myself this year not only to the German Bundesliga. No, the other leagues do not miss out. In addition, of course, the 2.Bundesliga and lack of Champions League teams scheduled. In this thread, I will provide the file for PES release. If you want help with my file writes me a message, any help is to use, especially Statsmaker.

DFL Option File V2.5 New Features:
– Complete English Premier League (Emblems and Kits)
– Complete Bundesliga (Squads, Emblems and Kits)
– Complete 2.Bundesliga (Squads, Kits and a lot Emblems)
– Complete Liga Zon Sagres (Kits and SC Braga Emblem)
– All Nationalteam Kits
– No FakeNames!
– All League and Cup Logos
– All missing Transfers
– more than 400 created Faces!
– Compatible to DLC 1.00
– Complete Tactics of 1. & 2.Bundesliga

PS3 DFL Option File PES 2012 Download Links:

You must download all three
PS3 DFL Option File PES 2012 Version 2.5 :

PS3 DFL Option File PES 2012 Version 2:

PS3 DFL Option File PES 2012 Version 1:

DFL OptionFile 2012 Emblem Pack (@uploaded) with all 2.Bundesliga and Liga Zon Sagres Emblem-PNGs

2.Bundesliga Players are not done by me! These are exports by user “stiefl09” from a german PES Forum, thanks to him! Kits are done by myself!

Twitter: Hollywood_Kills
Facebook: DFL OptionFile 2011

PS3 DFL Option File PES 2012 Changelogs:
Version 2.5 (Release 22.November 2011):
– more than 400 created Faces!
– Complete Tactics of 1. & 2.Bundesliga

Version 2.1 (Release 19.October 2011):
– Preview of Tactics

Version 2 (Release 19.October 2011):
– Complete 2.Bundesliga with Kits and Players
– No FakeNames!
– All missing Transfers
-Compatible to DLC 1.00

Version 1 (Release 01.October 2011):
– Complete English Premier League (Emblems and Kits)
– Complete Bundesliga (Squads, Emblems and Kits)
– Emblems for som Liga Zon Sagres Teams (others get Fake Logo)
– All Nationalteam Kits
– Fake Player and Teamnames corrected
– All League and Cup Logos
– Some missing Transfers

other features to follow in next Versions:

– Complete 2.Bundesliga (Squads, Kits and some Emblems)
– all missing Transfers

PS3 DFL Option File PES 2012 Faq:
If this appears on your Starting screen, download the latest Konami DLC in the Extra Content of your PES Main Menu!


There will be several chantpacks with high quality mp3s.


Copy the Edit-Data back to USB Stick and then back to your PS3, and you are able to earn trophys again.

‘Fast’ Gameplay:

Press Start and slow the game speed down.


Every strategy is inside and real!

Not every player has a real ingame Face, but I am working on them every day! Nearly every Bundesliga Player is original.


Every Team will have the original Kits!

Konami Update:

Should not! change anything in Bundesliga, only Transfers added!
Do not add it after download and not overwrite your Edit.

…more to come.

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  1. murat güler says:

    neden indirmiyor?

  2. Robert says:

    Can not upload the option file in my ps3. What am i doing wrong? Did exactly what the explanation says on how to upload an option file. Can you help me. The files ar all copied to my saved data.


  3. mike says:

    hi my friend.can i publish your patch as your own in my forum???

  4. AKYOL says:

    you can but you have to copy this page link into your post

  5. luan says:

    i have copyed all the file in ps3 , i have do it in the right way ( bles 1408 is the code ) but when i play Pes 2012 it dont appear anything of bundersliga and the others ligue , why ? can you help me ? thanx

  6. shalvashalva says:

    kacurad fexburtis gizi var tu gaddmamaceriebt chemze madlieri kaci ar geyolebat

  7. MOR says:

    I downloaded the update
    and copied it to my usb flash
    but when i put it in my ps3 and go to game-saved data utility and then to my usb flash, it tells me THERE IS NO SAVED DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i waited alot of times, same problem


  8. busta says:

    Dortmund and Gladbach don’t have the right Players. Just some fake names.
    But Why?


  9. FlairMan says:

    I downloaded everything and it works fine. Only thing is I can’t see the new stadiums images, they appear as if there was missing something, like background and some wall and ceiling desings.