PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 + Tutorial

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 + Tutorial

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 Screens:

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 Notes:
The squads of Bolton, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers may need updating. These are the only teams that need a manual update. For some reason, when we added Cahill to Chelsea and Alex to QPR, the squads of the associated teams became scrambled.

We will fix these issues in time for the release of V3 – expected to be out next month, depending on when Konami release their January transfers DLC.

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 New Features:

  • Bundesliga & npower formations & lineups updated (credit to Edu Madrid and MisterRaph).
  • Red Bull Salzburg and Anderlecht have been added (credit to Edu Madrid and MisterRaph).
  • Updated kits for all national teams (99% of the international teams have been edited to the same quality as the club teams).
  • All teams have updated stadium assigned – with close likeness.
  • All Bundesliga, Salzburg and Anderlecht players have correct faces and updated stats.
  • Revised line-ups for npower Championship and Bundesliga.
  • Balls adequated to each league (respecting our limitation to models).
  • Corrected names of all fake international players (except a few Asian teams – China, Bahrain, Iran).
  • Duplicate players removed.
  • Henry and Ronaldo added.
  • Newcastle Virgin Gaming sponsor added.
  • Some Bundesliga players with updated boots.
  • New FA Cup emblem added.
  • New players in Bundesliga and Npower squads.
  • Some updated transfers, including Gary Cahill to Chelsea and Alex to QPR.
  • Watch this video to see all club and international kits in V2.

Due to Konami’s restriction on emblems slots, you will have to download either one of the following two files.

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 Download Links:
npower Championship-based (large file)

Bundesliga-based (large file)


PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 Tutorial:

What you need

WinRar – Download here
Xtaf Xplorer – Download here
A 360 formatted USB pen drive
Latest version of Daymos’ file – V2

The USB will need to be at least 1GB – any ones larger than 8GB tend to throw up problems.

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 Instructions

Firstly, you need to put a PES 2012 save file on your USB drive. The quickest way to do this is
My Xbox >>> System Settings >>> Memory >>> Hard Drive >>> Games >>> PES 2012 >>> Select any save in the folder and copy it to the USB drive.

Once saved, you can unplug the USB from the 360. Now plug it into your PC.

If you haven’t got already got it, download and install WinRar and extract the option file. Go to the location where you saved the option file. Right click on it, choose ‘Extract to [filename\]’ and the option file will extract.

Launch Xtaf Xplorer.

Click File >>> Open first USB drive.

Two folders should appear in the left pane, like this:

Click Data Partition >>> Content >>> [your gamertag numbers here] >>> 4B4E0837

In the right pane you should see a folder called 0000001, right click on it and delete it.

Then right click in the same location and choose inject folder.

Find the option file you downloaded and click the 000001 folder.

Give it a second or two to import the data. To check it’s imported correctly, click on the 000001 folder and you will see something like this

When that’s done, click File >>> Close Current Drive.

Plug the USB drive back into your Xbox 360 and copy the files off there and onto your 360 HDD.

… And that’s it! You may need to repeat the last few steps (see here to find out how), but the whole process shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.

Create new folders called Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 etc
Inside each folder, create a folder called 000001
Put 200 files in each 000001 folder

When you come to the inject folder bit in xtaf, choose the 000001 folder in part 1, then plug your USB into your 360 and copy the files across.

Then repeat the guide, but inject the 000001 folder in part 2 and so on.

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 Notes

When formatting a USB pen drive, make sure there’s nothing on there that isn’t backed up. Formatting a USB drive will erase all the contents!

Option files will not work correctly when run from a USB pen drive, or on the 4GB hard drives. This is due to a hardware limitation which is out of Konami’s control. The main edit data, such as player names and kit designs, will work correctly but the kit logo files and competition logos will not.

Replacing your existing option file will remove any edits that you have made. If you have created teams or emblems that you would like to keep, you can use the Export feature in edit mode.

The programs used to transfer 360 save files to and from USB pen drives are limited by the number of files they can transfer in one go. The program tends to break when you try and transfer 250 or more files in one go. It is likely that the option files you download will require you to do 2 or 3 transfers to get all the data onto your Xbox.

You will not be banned from Xbox Live for using option files. Any achievement data is stored in a file separate from any editing data.


PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – Daymos OPE Elite OF V2 Common issues.. I call it the 228 error but its basically that my option file has over 300 files and all the USB tools avaliable to import/ extract data will not let you transfer more than approx 200 files at a time.



It does not matter if you have less than 20gb in space left as this has nothing to do with the size you have left but more to do with the model of your hard drive.

If your having any major problems with the USB software you downloaded, please try and ask a question on the forums where you dloaded the software from as the developers should be at hand to give you 1st hand advice on all the random issues that may occur.

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    • It seems that it doesn’t have nothing to do with the version, because if you have ver. 1.00 and I have ver. 1.03 and it’s giving me the same message,then it’s something wrong with the patch for sure.

  1. For this option file to work, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND DINSTALL ALL (3) DATA PACKS FROM THE EXTRA CONTENT MENU ON PES 2012. After this, you then install the option file.

    Also, to the site admins: very sad that you are able to copy and paste everything from my website, but don’t have time to include a link to

  2. I think there must be made a patch that includes the 3 data packs offered by Konami, because there are a lot of gamers that don’t have a “live” account. Or a patch that works without a specific data pack.

    • I’m from Russia, so I apologize in advance for my English. I do not know why, but I do not have to Neimar transfers. No patches do not help. And yet, when you install this patch greatly increases the time for loading and saving games. I noticed that if you do not burn the stick modified forms, all in order, so please write the names of files in which the changes apply only to the English championship, I will be enough. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  3. I have a 20GB Hard drive and the kits are still not displayed properly. i downloaded the first 200 files and for teams like Chelsea and Arsenal, the sponsor on the front of the jersey is missing. What do I have to do?

  4. unable to load data because data is from a different version
    now what ?
    what should i do ? is there any working patch ?

  5. it loads everything when i turn on the game all the data…but there is no change in the game itself…all the kits are the same as well as names???

  6. hi guys…i`ve an 20gb hard drive and downloaded the v3 from`s great but i can`t see the jersey advertising and the logos(nike,adidas or the bundesliga and premier league)!also many faces are wrong or not to see…whats the problem?please help


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