PES pros already know that paying heed to the form arrows is the be-all and end-all for putting together the best possible team.

Using these displays shown in the formation menu, PES has always simulated the biorhythm of virtual athletes. After all, even someone like Cristiano Ronaldo can have a bad day! The form arrows can point up (red arrow), to the side (green), and down (black). In addition, in-between directions in orange and light blue are also possible.

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Strong Influence
In practice, these arrows lead to noticeable bonuses and penalties on the performance and ability stats of your players. With a form arrow pointing straight up, their stats will be additionally improved. Some abilities benefit more from an excellent form than others do, but overall, the kicker will play much better, react quicker and more efficiently, and simply seems more “awake” on the pitch.

The other way round, players who normally are the pillars of your team will not perform in the usual way if their form is low. They lose balls, shots and passes fail, and all in all, there is a chance that they are not at the height of their game – but how could they if their ability stats have been drastically cut? They also lose stamina more quickly and can seldomly keep up the whole 90 minutes.

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Form Can Decide a Game
Of course, the various sections of the team suffer differently from these penalties. Especially forwards and central defenders should be used less when they are in bad shape because there is too much at stake in these parts of the team. A powerful defensive midfielder can possibly still do his share – be it only for one half-time.

So, what does that mean for you? Your team or formation plan should be set up according to the form of your players. Your goal-getter with a downward-pointing form arrow will take away your chances rather than getting goals, while his substitute with a red form indicator pointing upwards suddenly starts to score big time instead of keeping the bench warm. Simply dare to experiment and give your substitute a chance if his form is above normal. You will surely discover positive sides that could surprise you!


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