PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF + Tutorial

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF + Tutorial

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF Screens:

Premiership Kits…20Prem%20Kits/

Npower kits…0Championship/

Liga Zon Sagres (Pics will correct emblems will be uploaded soon)…0Zon%20Sagres/

Guys I know the emblems are incorrect on some.. the full game is fine and ill update tonight with correct pics

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF Includes:

The file includes allows you to play with the official teams from the English Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, La Liga, Liga Zon Sagres, Bundesliga and English npower Championship.

This file will work for everyone – even those who don’t have an Xbox Live account.

Due to time constraints, not all Bundesliga kits are finished. However, all Bundesliga emblems and squads have been updated. These issues will be fixed in the future when an update is released.

With this option file, you are able to download the latest DLC. When installing data pack 1, when promoted, click “apply” to update the registered lineup data, and also ensure that you overwrite the edit data when you are asked.

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF Installation Tutorial:
Step 1).
Turn your Xbox 360 on and sign into your profile.
You may want to back up anything you have that’s important to you in your PES2012/WE2012 save folder.
Step 2).
Now plug in the USB stick and then go to system >> memory >> then select external device (USB).
Step 3).
Just to see everything is all there on the USB, press ‘A’ to go inside the USB and you will see a folder called PES2012/ WE2012 >> Press ‘A’ again and you should see all the 500 Plus files inside this folder which make up the edits, stadiums and kits etc.
This is fine so just press ‘B’ once to come out of the PES2012/WE2012 folder.
Step 4).
Now detail the same PES2012 Folder with the ‘Y’ button and select COPY (NOT MOVE) >>>>>
The whole folder will copy in one go and ask you if you would like to replace all existing data in your PES2012/WE2012 folder >>> select yes to all >>>>
When you select yes to replace all items, please note this will erase your edit data but not your saved leagues or cups or replays etc >>>
IMPORTANT!!! If you try to TRANSFER the USB root instead of COPY the PES2012/WE2012 folder, you will mess everything up.
You DON’T want to see options such as TRANSFER CONTENT because this would mean your copying your whole USB and not the game folder on the USB with approx. 500 files in it.
Step 5). Once the copying is complete, pull out the USB and load up the game.
Ps you can close your mouth from the amazement of my work.
Step 6). Enjoy
Now once you’ve become accustomed to the new beautiful looking game, you will notice that we have the full Premiership, Liga Zon Sagres and Npower but you will see that the Bundesliga teams have no emblems. WTF??
No I wasn’t being lazy as Konami gave us 18 less emblem spaces in the game but it’s ok because I’ve been working hard to give you a choice.
If you prefer the Bundesliga over the Npower then you can install the other file or import the teams you wish.
To import teams, all you need to do is this. (example based on the Npower version)
Step 1). Plug in the USB, load up the game and go to edit mode.
Step 2). If you want the npower emblems for a later time them you will may want to select export and select the Npower teams one by one and save them onto your hard drive
If you don’t care about the Npower teams then just jump to the next step.
Step 3). you will see all the Bundesliga teams with their emblems intact, just select to import them one by one.
Step 4). Import everything including the emblems and then select one of the npower emblems to erase. (If you’re not sure which ones they are you will have to learn them before hand)
Step 5). You should now have all Bundesliga teams looking even more beautiful and the Npower teams will now have no emblems.
(If the npower teams no have incorrect Bundesliga emblems then you can revert the emblems back to default in edit mode under teams >> emblems >> then ‘Y’ to revert to default.)
Alternatively if importing teams is too complicated, just instal my ready made Bundesliga version

How To Import An Option File To Your Xbox 360 [Tutorial]

PES 2012 Option File Xbox 360 – DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF + Tutorial Download Links:

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  1. Some files dont want to copy to the folder, doesn’t mater how much i tried the files wont add to the 0000001 folder, what could be?

  2. Of great looks, but how do to copy the rest of the editions of the kits? copied only the Arsenal, the rest’re only kits and badges.

  3. Xtaf Xplorer seems to stop injecting at the 255 file mark for me. Is anyone else having this issue? I got santiis2010’s OF to work just fine, but I wanted to give this one a try, because the kits seem a bit more complete. I’ve got an 8G SanDisk USB, so I know this thing has plenty of space… any thoughts?

  4. I cant seem to get the Npower kits working correctly? any tips? i have followed the tutorial to the letter and everything seems to work fine apart from kits. Ie southampton have red and white stripes but not sponor etc ?

  5. After 3 hours of messing around trying to figure it out, I’ve succeeded. The only pit full to file is loading time. Thumbs up its not a bad at all.

  6. hola, que es Npower?? y se puede tener la premier league y la zon sagres al 100% reales pero solo esas esque es mucho webeo agregar otra liga… alguien si puede que deje un link para descargar esas 2 ligas para licenciarlas completas con camisetar y toda la wea y otra pergunta si al actualizar las plantillas de los equipos por xbox live no cagan las ligas que se actualizaron?? GRACIAS!!

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  8. I’ve got the german kits sorted i just can’t get premier league the other league sorted. i havent tried international teams yet. HELP?!?

  9. can somebody help me? on the ps3 it was so easy to do this but i cant seem to get the kits on xbox? can somebody guide me threw step by step please?


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