PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.7 + Manager + Speeder

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.7

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.7 Modules implemented:
– afs2fs
– speeder
– lodmixer

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.7 Installation:
copy new manager.exe to kitserver12 folder and you will have the new updated kitserver version 12.0.6
copy new speeder.dll (speeder-12.0.7) to kitserver12 folder and you will have the new updated kitserver version 12.0.7
original files inside.

Speeder.dll 12.0.7

* fixes issues that speeder had with 1.00 and 1.01 exes

PES 2012 Kitserver 12.0.7 Download:

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6 Responses so far.

  1. moodymeedo says:

    the LODmixer is not working with me.

  2. alessandro says:

    kitserver 12.0.7 its not working on my computer
    i downloaded pes 2012 RELOADED and i want to play game in eyefinity mode 5760×1080
    i tried with this version of kitserver and i can’t attach it to the pes2012.exe file
    am i missing something or this kitserver is not compatible with PES 2012 RELOADED version?
    please help

  3. teo says:

    hello!this kitserver is not working normaly…i have original pes 12 and when i trie to attach the kitserver for new songs the game bonds!!

  4. bardia says:


    If I open manager to attach and if i run the game nothing happened plz help!

  5. Sukhothai says:

    Kitserver Manager pop-up says ‘Kitserver not attached’ but when trying to attach Pes2012.exe another pop up says’game exe is already attached to Kitserver 12′ and it isn’t.

    Whats going on guys?