PESEDIT 2011 PATCH 3.6 Screens:

PESEDIT 2011 PATCH 3.6 New Features:

PESEdit 2011 Patch 3.6 General Features:

PESEdit 2011 Patch 3.6 How to Install:
Delete the folder “kitserver” from the PES 2011 main directory and also delete the start menu folder “PESEdit 2011 Patch” – skip this if this is the first time you install PESEdit 2011 Patch.
Install the patch using install.exe, make sure to choose the directory you installed PES 2011 to.
Start the game via pes2011.exe / start menu folder “PESEdit 2011 Patch” / PESEDIT SELECTOR

REQUIRES Microsoft Net.Framework 4.0
With the release of PESEdit 2011 Patch 0.4 the famous Selector tool – as known from
last year – makes its re-appearence in the patch.
You can choose between different ML / BAL team setups, more info can be found inside
the tool.
You can also choose between different 2nd divisions for the game and different stadiums.

You might have noticed that there’s a function to ‘switch stadiums’ in the PESEDIT
Selector included in this patch. As the size of quality stadiums is quite massive, we
decided to keep the optional which means clicking their buttons in the selector without
downloading the additional package will result in an error message due to missing files.
You can download the stadium package(s) from here.

christopher91, Simcut, Stavrello, RKO
Ahmad, BigBenFCB, Blaze, Chris, Gerjan, karl, kiko94, Nero, Peter, philipp123
Balls made by the following ballmakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this patch.
Paul81118, Stranxk
Boots made by the following bootmakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this
Distribution, ibrakadabra8, Miguelstyle, Paul81118, sadwjp, Severus
Faces made by the following facemakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this
patch. We are sorry, but it’s too many faces to keep track of every single one and that’s
why we changed the way of crediting the facemakers.
[4D]Nossy, Agiga, Ahai, Albertocp, Anasie10, Arnau, BJ, Blackjuve, Cgf, Cigman, CR9K8,
DPZone, Drift, Duner, El Fluppe, El Nazho, El Nino 9, Felipe Pflanzer, Futbolist777
Hawke, Hitfacer, Illuminati, KB, Kevski, Leo_Messi_10, Maze32, Michi1860, Mystiq,
Newnitnum, nickless, Petrboat, Romantik, Saintkei, Sergio, Sersh, Stevie, thgo, Vadim,
Victor, WUDF
Kits made by the following Kitmakers (alphabetical order) have been used in this patch.
We are sorry, but it’s too many kits to keep track of every single one and that’s why we
changed the way of crediting the kitmakers.
alen_petrin, Asiat, Astracell, Biker Jim, Cuky, Damix, Deo reloaded, Diablos, Dimas
Almarza, FLR, frontliner28, Josemigol, jvinu2000, klashman69, Kolia V., Liquidsnake, Mare
93, Millencolin, mstar, Müller Bento, Prame33, R14, Stanek, Tottimas, Txak, Venom,
VinVanDam13, Virtuared
People who contributed other files to the patch are listed here.
arquero7171 & r4m130 (adboards), denxho (ML sponsors)
We are using these tools to edit the game.
Game Graphic Studio by obocaman
Kitserver by juce & Robbie
PES 2011 Editor by [email protected]
PES 2011 Map Editor by barcafan
PES 2011 Ultimate Data Editor by barcafan
PES 2011 Ultimate Editor by barcafan
Stadium Studio 2010 by Stelios
ZLIB Tool by juce
If we missed you in the credits, please message us.
If you don’t want the new music for example, delete the dt02.img folder from
kitserver/pesedit/img and delete songs.txt from kitserver/pesedit
Here’s a little overview about this:
** Created stadiums → ST_EXPORT01.bin, ST_EXPORT02.bin, ST_THUMB01.bin,
ST_THUMB02.bin (Own documents/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2011/save)
** Music → dt02.img, songs.txt (kitserver/pesedit/img)
** Referee kits → dt09.img (kitserver/pesedit/img)
** Schüco Arena Training stadium → dt07.img (kitserver/pesedit/img)
Additional stadium packages can be downloaded here.
PESEdit 2011 Patch Additional Stadium
PESEdit 2011 Patch 3.6 Download Links :

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  1. Gan0z says:


  2. mano says:


    But pls. add mediafire links pleaaaaaaaaase.

  3. Muhamo says:

    Thanks for great patch.

  4. kor says:

    the patch don’t work on my pc, cause winrar don’t extract the install file. part 3 is corrupted

    greetz, kor

    • AKYOL says:

      you must download again

      • kor says:

        oke thanks, but i have download 1 file from de site upload and 1 from the site filesonic is that a problem? sorry i can’t speak english very well i’m 15 years old and i life in the netherlands.

  5. mano says:


  6. Ronnie says:

    i can’t to download,,, please mediafire links,,,

  7. jingofatPlayer says:

    Can u please put a Mediafire link, thanks for this patch, but, nedd a mediafire link

  8. jokerr says:

    mediafire link please..

  9. Moony says:

    does it work?

  10. Berbatov says:

    megaupload link pls

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  12. uhzeyx says:

    where is the download

  13. Assassin_94 says:

    mediafire or hotfile..

  14. Scoccero says:

    After the download it says …
    invalid data … so it doesn’t work

  15. mano says:

    any update for mediafire links please !!!

  16. Psychomedia88 says:

    The patch works great! Thank you so much!

    But the setback is the homeground for a club cant be selected, for example the homeground for Arsenal is Estadio Da Luz, and I want to change it to Wembley, how should I do that since the homeground selection is not highlighted?

    Thank you~

  17. rashid says:

    the forth link dose not work < its empty !!!
    please help

  18. jasadliar says:

    doesn’t work..please tell me why?

  19. Bran says:

    It works cool. Thanks…

    • kapandrej says:

      you dont have some players called dummies? they have no hair, eves, mouth, nose, ears and they are blue.. no? xD

  20. kapandrej says:

    why are some players colled dummies? its stupid, can i change it somehow, but not in edit mode -.-

  21. TheBarcaKid says:

    great patch great great patch keep up the good work

  22. kapandrej says:

    i started bal again because of dummies -.- and every time i press kick off in first training match it says dont send and turns off.. help? :SS

  23. Martin says:

    I have problem with part 5 cant open…in winrar.Have ony one same problem?

  24. ahmed says:

    sorry i have a problem in master league and become a legend when i come to save the ML the game is crashing

    i have windows 7 … 32 bit

    help me plz

  25. peseditLOVER says:

    can someone upload it to mediafire please? becase filesonic and wupload doesnt let me to hit max speed

  26. grantm44 says:

    wont work i installed. cant run from the peseditselector crashes instantly and when i run from folder as admin it will crash when i try to save in master league

  27. absolum says:

    File 4 & 5 is corrupt….

  28. grant says:

    can’t save in master league and it wont start from pes selecter. does anyone know whats wrong?

  29. ryuzaki jun says:

    if you want a fix calendar…just wait til 2012! but if there’s someone who wants (and can ofcourse) to change it…i’ll very appreciate to his effort…
    for dummies player…they’re always appear in new patch…just wait for the fix…

  30. FAIS says:


  31. CR 7 says:

    partlar birbiriyle uyumlumu wupload we filesonic in ?

  32. COOL NEYO says:

    hey ! after installing the patch when i save a game it crashes !!!!!!

    PLZ HELP !

  33. Martin says:

    FILE 5 IS CORuPTEd !!!!! help—

  34. falcao says:

    why i cannot to play master league?from patch3.5 already i cannot play..already switches but the same since..i cannot save the master league game..plzzz solve this problem..when i use the dt0f.img oldest,it have dummy player..

  35. Jelavic says:

    do I need konami version 1.03 to get this to work??

  36. Hamid says:

    TQ……….It WORK 100%!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. AGUNK says:

    PATCH 2011

  38. werty says:

    when i play ml..crash during want to play champion league in ML..why??

  39. bongi says:

    i’ve succesfully instal it to my game,but i have to use the launcher pes 2011 exe. as administrator to start the game,it worked!but another problem showed up…everytime i want to save my game in ML/BAL the game just stop working,is there a problem with my instalation..?please i really need to play this game,thanx mate!

  40. PekY says:

    guys.. patch work fine but it crashes when i go to EDIT MODE.. it’s really embarassing but it need fixes. my opinion fix this patch that’s all

  41. weske90 says:

    patch work and is excelent for MASTER LEAGUE AND BECOME LEGEND u must fix in pesedit…go to your pro evo install file and start the file ”PESEDIT” than you have many tabs in there. there is: main, 2nd division, switch, stadium and so on. go to the switch tab an go to ML/BAL1. now start the pes.exe ^^


  42. trene ramy says:

    jame pes 12

  43. mcfcfan says:

    Why is Gael Clichy white, and Klose not in Lazio?
    That transfer was 17.06.2011….

  44. Adarsh says:

    the game crashes while trying to save in the ML

  45. Max says:

    I can’t install it properly
    It can’t create H?sler_face.$$A
    Do I need to download it again….???

  46. tin says:

    mediafire link .. please .. 🙁

  47. none says:

    Files 3 and 5 are corrupted!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Apple says:

    mediafire link please…

  49. sk says:

    hi can someone teach me how to patch this download file into my ps3?

  50. moez says:

    prombleme Master League
    what is the solution?

  51. Taufiq says:

    gan kenapa ya kalau main master atau become a legend pasti stoped working?

    • adiin says:

      Ente Pake Unlocker Extra Contents gk ?
      Kemungkinan dari situ makanya bisa gitu…
      atau mungkin wkatu instalasi kurang sempurna, ente pake OS apa?
      kalo Win 7 jngn lupa Run As Admin gan….
      yap muga manfaat…
      (Y) (Y)

      • adiin says:

        Ente Sedot dari mana gan ?
        Kemungkinan itu juga bisa termasuk, cz banyak server yang gak lengkap tapi mau coba upload tuh file

  52. عبدالله says: