PES 2011 Gameplay Patch & Tool v0.7.7 RC openbeta released By Jenkey1002

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch & Tool v0.7.7 Videos:
Defender block through pass

Increased accurate for COM’s long shot

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch & Tool v0.7.7 Gameplay Mode Features:
-Gameplay 0.7.7beta lastest : fix some DF bug + AI
-Gameplay 0.7.5beta : beta version, improve AI for tactic & movement (COM &
-Gameplay 0.7.4beta : version 0.6 + new DF AI system teammate)

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch & Tool v0.7.7 Physic Mode Features:

-Have 4 choices for physic mode for player & ball
-Mode 1 : Default KONAMI
-Mode 2 : Realistic physic for ball & player
-Mode 3 : Superstar player are difirentce with the rests. Ball is a bit weighter (recommended from most of beta testers)
-Mode 4 : No change – will use gameplay physic setting

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch & Tool v0.7.7 General Features:
-Change game speed via kitserver (in gameplay config tool)
-Refine animation boost
-Upgraded memory write & read module (for less use memory)

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch & Tool v0.7.7 How to Install :

Remember disable your antivirus software : gameplay tool is using memory hack module
and some AV soft missunderstand it with virus, but believe me it’s not the virus.
For upgrade to new version you must delete all files & folder from old version (for remove all old effort)
+ Gameplay tool – run.exe
+ Gameplay tool – config.exe
+ Gameplayjen
Extract & Copy all files to PES2011 installed foder
Run “Gameplay tool – config.exe” for configuration
Save config (If you feel gameplay is not changed ingame, try run config & save again)
Play game via “Gameplay tool – run.exe”

My suggestion : Use “Animation boost” feature for better responce ingame & better DF system (COM will block your through pass…)

This’s BETA version, Im waiting for your feedback to improve
All feedback are welcome

PES 2011 Gameplay Patch & Tool v0.7.7 Download Links:

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    v0.8.0 is out, awesome Tool, thanks a bunch!