PES 2011 OF 2.0 by MaTtE

PES 2011 OF 2.0 by MaTtE

original names for the competitions, cups etc.. (Series A, Premier League, FIFA World Cup, etc. ..).
original logos for cups and competitions.
team logos and unlicensed premier, liga and serie A.
palermo kit and all the premier (made with extreme precision).
instead of the D series created serie B (only name and logo).
instead of creating the united pes livorno (names, logos, kit.Mancano facial).
Created different stadiums.
ayman93: Stadio Armando Picchi stadium arena juventus
frank900: kit livorno
Fully compatible with: pes edit patch 02 and PES 2011 DLC [12.10.2010]
to insert:
go to Document-> KONAMI-> save to folder and replace it with this.
WARNING: If you have leavatelli bailouts from the folder (it is called like this: ml_1, replay_1, DUM_1 etc..) And put it back in once changed the folder.
nomi originali per le competizioni,coppe ecc.(serie A,Premier League,FIFA World Cup ecc..).
loghi originali per coppe e competizioni.
loghi perl e squadre senza licenza di premier,liga e serei A.
kit per palermo e tutta la premier(fatti con estrema precisione).
al posto della serie D creata la serei B(solo logo e nome).
al posto di pes united creato il livorno(nomi,loghi,kit.Mancano i facciali).
Creati diversi stadi.
ayman93 : stadio armando picchi,stadio juventus arena
frank900: kit livorno
Compatibile con: pes edit patch 02 e PES 2011 DLC [12.10.2010]
Per inserirlo:
andate in documenti-> KONAMI-> save e sostituitel a cartella con questa.
ATTENZIONE: se avete dei salvataggi leavatelli dalla cartella(si chiama tipo:ml_1,replay_1,DUM_1 ecc.) e le rimettete dentro una volta cambiata la cartella.
Download Option F ile 2.0:

2 thoughts on “PES 2011 OF 2.0 by MaTtE”

  1. Works great! Only downside is that all the red colours of uniforms somehow has transformed to pink colour instead. But it is easily fixed with the ingame editor.

  2. Yeah it's all pink!! And there are lots of spelling mistakes in the team names too – HRCULES, SIVILLA, REAL SOCIETAD etc…


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