PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5.2 UPDATE

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5.2 (update):
– Updated transfers/added a lot of players.
– Fixed some players hair.
– Added/fixed call names.
– Added new chants (Ajax, Argentine, Catania, PSV, England, Fiorentina, Genoa, Germany, Italy, Lazio, Italy, Napoli, Netherlands, Roma, Sampdoria, Spain, Udinese, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Everton, Man city).
– Updated some emblems.
– Updated more kits.
– Fixed red bulls Salzburg kits.
– Updated more teams.
– Added new Faces.
– Better quality national flags.
– New Boots Installed.
– Fixed bug with players changing to GK in ML mode (requirers starting a new ML, BAL)
– Revised Stats, price and age for many players.
– Fixed scoreboard mixup in other languages.
– Added ability to edit emblems and names for all teams and clubs.
– Added extra files to give option of playing ML with other championship teams (read the readme file included in (ML extra) folder)
– Small tweeks and fixes.

Fast Fix – essential for 2.5.2 included.
This is an update. You need PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5 (see full patch features).
* the 2.5.2 update includes the 2.5.1
* starting a new save is required after installing the 2.5.2
* an update for transfers will be released after the transfers are finished.
* do not update the game after installing the patch.




1. Decompress the file

2. Copy (PES2010_EDIT01.bin) in the SAVE folder, should be (My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\save), replace old file if it asks.

3. Copy all files from (dt0c.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt0c.img. (replace old if asks)

4. Copy all files from (dt01.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt01.img. (replace old if asks)

5. Copy all files from (dt04.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt04.img. (replace old if asks)

6. Copy all files from (dt06.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt06.img. (replace old if asks)

7. Copy all files from (dt00_e.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt00_e.img.

8. Copy all files from (dt00_f.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt00_f.img.

9. Copy all files from (dt00_g.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt00_g.img.

10. Copy all files from (dt00_i.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt00_i.img.

11. Copy all files from (dt00_s.img) folder to: Kitserver\SMoKE\img\dt00_s.img.

12. Copy and replcae (pes2010.exe) located in the main game directory folder.

13. Copy and replcae (map.txt) file to: Kitserver\GDB\uni

14. go to (kits update) folder, copy and replace all teams folders and replace the old folders in (Kitserver\GDB\uni), look for the teams folder to replace in that directory.

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