PESEdit 2010 FIFA World Cup Patch – Released! With Fix 1.01 (11.06.10)




Official Konami Patch 1.3
PESEdit 2010 FIFA World Cup Patch


– Download and install official Konami Patch 1.3
– Download and install PESEdit 2010 FIFA World Cup Patch
– Download and install PESEdit 2010 FIFA World Cup Patch 1.01

***PLEASE NOTE: The World Cup Patch works without needing PESEdit 3.4 patch.
***PLEASE NOTE: If you have 3.4 Patch already installed, both patches will work fine!***


Features list (fix 1.01):

– Fixed stadiums for World Cup mode – now all the real stadiums for the matches
– Fixed a little start menu error

Features list (version 1.0):

– Uses Official Konami DLC 1.07 and the included faces and kits
– All correct Squads and Numbers (including the latest changes such as Nani OUT Amorim IN)
– Correct stadia (Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit)
– Vuvuzela sound during matches
– All new menu in glorious yellow and red colours
– Correct World Cup groups when starting the cup
– New World Cup styled flags for all national teams
– Official FIFA Scoreboard with correct teamnames
– New position logos
– New special Soundtrack with African, Football & Summer themed tracks.
– Newest World Cup boots added and assigned to correct players
(Adidas Predator X Black/Sun, Adidas adiPure III Black/Sun, adidas adiZero all colors, Puma v1.10 Tricks, Puma PowerCat 1.10 Tricks, Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra White/Navy, Nike Elite Range)
– Correct kits for all teams, including many possible combinations to choose from
– Correct Faces for most players + relinked special hairs to edit players for more realism
– Many new faces created by PESEDIT Team especially for this patch!
– Newest Hairstyles for all players

and more things I forgot…


Improved versions of Soccer City and Nelson Mandela Bay Stadiums will be added in a later update, release date TBC.

Face & Team lists can be found in kitserver\docs, or in the start menu.

You can find this document in kitserver\docs, or in the start menu.

If kits, logos etc. are not showing correctly ingame, try to install kitserver manually (kitserver/manager.exe -> Attach)

PES Edit Team

Download Fix 1.01

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey dude, I have pes edit patch 3.4, if i instaled fifa world cup patch, did damage my patch 3.4…..sorry my english is very bad………………….

    I from serbia


  2. Anonymous says:

    ***PLEASE NOTE: If you have 3.4 Patch already installed, both patches will work fine!***

  3. Anonymous says:

    why when I instal this patch write me then I need part 2 ???

  4. Anonymous says:

    just want to know before i install this patch,
    will this patch comes with trojan virus?? i experienced with this problem when i installed the 3.4 version…

  5. Anonymous says:

    is this patch for ps3 ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Does not work together with patch 3.4. Trying to re-install everything again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    were r the portuguese teams?
    like Benfica,Porto,Braga and Sporting Lisbon….?

  8. dfgfdg says:

    this is ps3?

  9. Yiğit AKYOL says:

    you have to download all parts
    for pc

  10. Anonymous says:

    When I play Fifa world cup 2010, the group are not same as real world cup group. how can I solve the problem?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Could you please upload this to a torrent site or to megaupload? It is really slow downloading from hotlink. THNX!

  12. Anonymous says:

    do I have to run the install for all five parts?? it looks like the dame file size.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How can I play the online mode?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I'm already updated patch pes2010 3.4 too,but it make damage to my game about players name or ML save …sos T_T…How to repair that problem?

    ps. I'm from Thailand 🙂 hello world cup !!

  15. Anonymous says:

    use torrent please !! very slow using hotfile..

  16. Anonymous says:

    how can I add the ballspack???

    I miss play a match with kopanya,teamgeist,…

    plis answer me T.T

  17. Anonymous says:

    World cup group are not similar as real worlcup.
    whats the problem? please help …….thanks

  18. Anonymous says:

    everything good, enjoy the patch so much.thank u 4 the patch guys credit 4 the team 🙂

    but ive lost my save game, ML,my achivement everythng.anybody know how to fix this?
    thx in advanced 🙂

  19. Anonymous says:

    why just 2 balls can be played????

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    NEW ARSENAL Kit !!!!

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    we want real word cup teams..

  25. Anonymous says:

    wtf this patch!! ive already install 3.4 patch and it looks perfect to me, but when i install this patch almost all the player name change like my classic argentina. Somebody plz help me to delete this patch without delete my 3.4 patch??

  26. Anonymous says:

    can sumone please tell me how to install fifa world cup 2010 patch…

  27. Anonymous says:

    why africane teams kit like ghana get differnt when i start the match please answer me to fix this proplem…… the patch is great

  28. Anonymous says:

    please answer i want to play with ghana …..please

  29. Anonymous says:

    Everyone always asks the same question on is this for the ps3 and you never get a straight answer is this a ps3 patch and if not will a ps3 one be released

  30. Anonymous says:

    The WC Patch works, but the WC Patch 1.01 doesn't, what's wrong? Anyway: the WC Patch without update is GREAT!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    e brate ti sto si iz Srbije znas li ti gde da skinem owe patchewe?

  32. Anonymous says:

    hi. when i try to extract the update patch 1.3 it asks for a password?

  33. iaN Vesuvius Liao says:

    The WC patch 1.01 do work, just go to the destination folder where the WC patch installed (C>Program Files>PESEdit>2010 FIFA World Cup Patch)and pes2010plus.exe there..use ur brain abit…

  34. Anonymous says:

    can anyone how install

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    how can i get the password for PES 2010 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER for pc…
    please help me!!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    hello from greece.i have download all parts but i cant make extract,why?part 2 is damaged??good job

  38. Anonymous says:

    gailes dinck

  39. Anonymous says:

    hey guys! how u doing? I've got a little problem: do i need to install the older version of this patch before installing the last one?
    I hope u'll reply soon! thanks!

  40. Jimmy says:

    I want to know last answer too.. I hope you reply me. Thanks!

  41. Anonymous says:

    enough…. PS3 or not ???
    until i have an answer there's elvator music in my head making me crazy

  42. Anonymous says:

    Budin konj,ovčija glava

  43. Anonymous says:

    janje koziji nos

  44. bijay says:

    Do I have to install this all.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I am interested whay a can use world cup stadioum

  46. man_lucy95 says:

    i have install all and said me missing shortcut

  47. Anonymous says:

    is this standalone patch
    or other patch is needed for this to work

  48. dasport says:

    i have insstall the patch, but my pes 2010 crash after i install it.

    may be i need to reinstall my pes, and install this patch once more..

    thx before dude..

  49. bijay says:

    Do i HAVE to download it all its a painful prosees

  50. Anonymous says:

    pes 2010 for pc better than ps3 because we can update it..haha..many thanks for the patch..its working

  51. Anonymous says:

    Do you have one file for all the parts?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hey … Can u upload on some torrents server… This is really slow downloading… Or can this be faster? Maybe some program for crossover time counting?


  53. Anonymous says:

    I've got a question i have downloaded the 1.01 fix of rapishare but if i install it completely and then click on fifa world cup 2010 then it says i can't find the PES exe but i already have one 1.3??? So plz reply and give me a sollution…?

  54. Vaikis says:

    Could You stop uploading to hotfile? Free users can download just one file per 30 minutes and you put at least 3, sometimes up to 6 or 7, so we have to wait quite a long time just to download it. There are better storing sites. Try using There at least is no waiting time and you can download multiple files at the same time. THANK YOU!

  55. Anonymous says:

    This patch doesn' t work to me ! i have instaleed just like the description says !!! I have installed all part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 ! and before that 1.3 patch but when i start the game it says i can' t open it because i need crack ! Now i can' t open the game without patch ! Nofthing is working to me ! Can someone help please ????

  56. Anonymous says:


  57. Anonymous says:

    hallo..I have a notebook with windows 7 installed. I has been download all PESEdit Fifa world cup patch that content 1.0, 1.1, 1.3 konami official patch and I installed it into my laptop, but an error was occured during I try to play Pes fifa world cup and also my laptop detected some virus from Pes2010 EXE application. and I think the error actualy caused by dat virus. can someone help me to solve this problems? I really want to play it. please.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Using XPSP2/3 is good enough…. XD the best maybe… they didn't ask or require anythings…. 😛

  59. Anonymous says:

    i give up already with d3dx9_37.dll. Somebody help me please!!! I have been downloaded the pesedit 2010 for a many time already. But, its say system error. What error.?? PLEASE HELP ME…

  60. Anonymous says:

    with this patch virus!!!

  61. Anonymous says:

    after installing the patch, it asks for a cd. what do i do?

  62. Anonymous says:

    Hello every body, i have installed official Konami Patch 1.3, afterwards i installed PESEdit patch 1.0\1.01(fix)\and 1.2(update) one after another and everything is perfect except that every time i want to start a NEW GAME at League cup section the game crashes just after i select the League and hit CONFIRM, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE Help me solve that out! THNX

  63. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but i meant …1.01(fix)\and 1.1(update)…

  64. Anonymous says:

    the biggest ever download.. nice..

  65. Anonymous says:

    i have the same problem , it used to work fine until i copied the game and pasted it in another partetion.
    each time i choose to play world cup, in the select team menu, the game crashes
    anyone knows what should i do to solve this problem?

  66. Anonymous says:

    should i download all the parts or only just part one??
    thank u..

  67. Yiğit AKYOL says:

    you should download all parts

  68. Anonymous says:

    plezz give me the way to install the patchh..??

  69. Anonymous says:

    shoul i install the patch in a new file location or in the existing pes 2010 file??

  70. Anonymous says:

    I've installed Pes 2010,after wards I've Installed the update patch 103,then world cup patch 1.0,1.01,1.1…………after all installation when i click the game icon it is
    saying that a file named d3dx9 is missing…..
    What should I do ….some one help me!!!!!!!!????

    • dibya says:

      just search on google (download swiftshader 3.0 and copy it on pes 10 thats all but friend can you say whereto download fifa world cup 1010 patch for pes 10 in zipped file.

  71. Anonymous says:

    d3dx9_37.dll missing???

  72. Anonymous says:

    hi,juz want to know how to patch pes2010 world cup step by step

  73. Anonymous says:

    I can not instal Official Konami Patch 1.3… What is New features: Adds 3 new features to Online mode: Legends, Community and Competition.
    Go to Online mode to make sure the new features are available on the menu.

  74. Musfiqur Rahman says:

    hey when i click on pesplus.exe it showes that a DLL file is missing from my pc

  75. Anonymous says:

    kampret, banyak yang ngga jadi

  76. Anonymous says:

    hi..all of the patch are worked perfectly..but when i want to select the team selection,it tells that PES 2010 did not work correctly..but if i just start with kick-off,it's oky..but when i want to select the team,it tells is stop working..what's act is the this path works for windows with 64-bit me..i really want to platy it so bad..

  77. Anonymous says:

    plz plz guide me how 2 download crack files and setup from here?

  78. Anonymous says:

    and also the setup?

  79. Anonymous says:

    link does not work . plss check it

  80. f says:

    How do you uninstall the PES EDIT World cup patch for PES 2010 PC?

  81. eavi says:

    how i download it?

  82. ugljesa says: