Pes 2010 Konami Update 1.7 DLC

15 thoughts on “Pes 2010 Konami Update 1.7 DLC”

  1. How can I install konami update 1.7 dlc?
    pelase help me. After extracting I have found
    dt0f.img and PESEDIT_2010.bin file.

  2. if i install this update.. should i intall the previuos updates…?

    n if it so.. is there any cumulative update in 1 file?

  3. when i put the files !!! an i am going to play !!! is not mi team in i am leyend ! i am witch madid and they potme with genoa whyyy ¡?

  4. Is this for pesedit patch 3.4? Or does it work with the newest patch 4.0 ?

    Eh woi ini buat patch 3.4 atau bisa juga buat 4.0? jawab cepet jing 🙂


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