Bolloxmasta v4 final released

BOLLOXMASTA V4 FINAL RELEASED ( links in 1st post)


Finally i have got to the point where i have uploaded the links for my final patch for pes2009 v4

After months of editing and 48hrs to upload 3.6gb to rapidshare i have created what i think to be a very good patch also includes newly promoted teams and players to the English League sorry not other league but took long enough to do the prem

Obviously i have not been able to test everything so any issues please post in thread or pm me

Patching Tutorial

cs0d 14 parts

cv01, cv02, cv0a, rv0c_e, cv05 etc

cv06 – 11 parts

cv09 – 14 parts

Make sure you download and import all parts to get full patch

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