pes2009plus V1.4.0.5 by leaflet [WECN]

Use the pes2009plus to make it possible to change the names of the footballs, stadiums and the music, gamers can make the change by opening the football.xml,music.xml,stadium.xml in the folder of the pes2009plus with the notepad.
There is no limit in using the team ‘other B’. Enable the team ‘other B’ to join the ML and BL mode freely. All the clubs can play in ML and BL.

Copy the ‘pes2009plus.exe’, ‘pes2009plus’ to the folder where the game is installed, and just run the ‘pes2009plus.exe’ directly. To change the names of the stadiums and footballs, please use the notepad function of your computer to open the football.xml, music.xml,stadium.xml in the pes2009plus folder, and make the change there.

The following edition will have further functions and please be patient for the launch.

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