[PS3] PES 2009 Canada – America Option File

A PS3 optionfile for the North Americans

All English League teams Emblems and Kits updated
All Spanish League teams Emblems and Kits updated.
Correct all player names
Almost all national team kits done with badges, kit sponsers and name and number markings( including USA)
All Fake League/Cups names renamed
All League and Stadium names corrected
Fake/duplicate national team players removed
Almost all transfers up to date
Almost opened all the classic players( Didnt change any names sorry)
Opened Argentina and Brazil Classic teams( edited some names Including Maradona and Pele)
Changed Some National team players
Fixed Some hairs ( Including Lionel Messi’s Short Hair cut)
Added some players that were not in the game including Gudjohnsen
i made his face myself it doesnt look too great

I’m working on German League
if you want any other league please tell me i will try my best to make it for you
and Still working on some international Kits

Hope you enjoy!

WM- Shady

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+ Update Option File

Finshed Bayern Munich made there kits and some of the players that were not in the game( Not Completed squad)
Finshed Werder Bremen.. didnt do any players for them sorry. i just transfered some players from the game into there team
Did schalke 04 but didnt register any players
Opened all the classic teams and fixed all there names
Scanned some faces into the game including the Brazilain Ronaldo
Rafael Da Silva of man united Godjohnsen and Pedro of Barcelona Ali Karimi of Iran
And some of the German players, and some of the bayern Munich players i created
and did Diogo of olympiakos as requested and Maradona
Some of the faces dont look to great but i tried my best
sorry if it doenst look too great
opened up some more classic players but i didnt fix any of there names
Finshed all the international kits Did not do any goal keepers
changed some international squad
Finshed up the the transfer( you have to change there numbers yourself)
Edit players boots, hairs, tried to get them up to date
Created some more players that were not in the game( scanned faces for some of them)

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